Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

And I got stomped. Played two games last night at the LGS and was trying out my Shrike list. I had swapped out the Predator in that list for Scouts in a Storm, in the 2K list, and my 1,850 list was that same minus the Scouts and Storm.

First game was 1,850 against Blood Angels. Both of us rolled horribly the entire game, which is better than one of us rolling horribly. We were playing capture and control with spearhead deployment. We both put our objectives in our corners and he reserved his entire list to deep strike in, which was all jetpack units. Long story short, I got to his objective and surrounded it and walled up my own objective. He cleared me off his objective and a fight took place in the board center. He eventually won out there and came for my objective while I sent a Rhino to contest his.

In the end he just barely took my Rhino off his objective and captured it while pushing me off mine. It was a pretty close game, coming down to a couple of key dice rolls. Had the game ended on turn #5 then I’d have won, on turn #6 a draw, but alas it went to #7.

The second game was 2K against a suit heavy Tau army. This one was annihilation with spearhead deployment. My bad luck with dice rolls continued and between bad target priority and bad deployment I just got steam rolled and we called it on turn #5.

Despite the two losses I was pretty happy with my list. It’s one of the few times for me that my Marines took two losses back to back and I didn’t want to just redo the entire list. The style of the list suited me and with more practice using it and some fine tuning, I think I’m on to something. I’ve got some ideas and can’t wait to try them out.

Oh, to my fellow Americans, happy Thanksgiving!

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