Upcoming July Tournament

Not counting the recent 3-week tournament we held this month, I have not done a tournament since March. In the five tournaments I’ve done I have only fielded my Space Marines once. We are scored on painting and my Orks are fully painted so I’ve used them the most because I can assemble a list without worrying about what is and is not painted. The one time I did field my Marines I fielded only what was painted and the result was less than desired. That was the one time I went 0-3 for the day.

July will be an 1,850 tournament and the question is, Orks or Marines? I’m leaning towards Marines because I really want to see what I can do with them. If I field Marines I’m going to disregard painting because there’s just no way I can get what I field fully painted by then with all the work I’m doing for Joe. So, paint concerns are out the window and it’s just a matter of putting together a good fun list. If I suddenly feel the urge to get scores on painting then I’ll throw down the Orks but they’ve had so much field time lately that they need to relax a bit.

I’m still trying to work out a direction for my Marines. I’ve toyed around with Khan so far and it wasn’t bad but I’m not sure it’s what I’m after. Last night I tested out a pretty meched up list and I did well with it but it still didn’t have that feel. Of course using terms like that feel is cryptic but I just mean it wasn’t quite my style. I figure I’ll avoid mech just because my Orks are built in that style. Fluff-wise my army, Fate’s Angels, are big users of Librarians so maybe I can work out a style from that…but what? Librarians tend to be more support oriented and don’t directly alter your army flavor. Things to ponder.

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