Upcoming September Team Tournament

Team TournamentCrossroad Games is holding a team tournament this month on the 18th and I’m tossing around some list ideas. My Orks will be sitting this one out as I’ve played them to death over the past few months. I thought about fielding my Necrons since I can field them at this point level with what I own, 1K per-person (2K per-side), but it also relies on getting a partner that can cover me in assault and with random partners it may not happen. So, despite the fact there will be no shortage of them, I’m going to use my Marines.

Having made that decision it’s time to make a list. What I want to do is make a list that’s balanced and can play well regardless of who I get for a partner. I played my Necrons in the last team tournament and got paired with a Tau partner. We rocked the first two games but our glass cannon shattered when facing an assault heavy army.

Now, what makes this a bit tricky is that I want to field only painted models and I probably won’t have any time to paint anything between now and then. I have to finish up the commission work I’m doing and can’t dedicate any painting time for myself until then. So, my limited selection of Marines becomes even more limited…never fun.

Here are the rules:

each player has 1000 point list using the following restrictions:
1 HQ
1-4 troops
0-1 fast
0-1 heavy
0-1 elite
you may have ONE extra choice in either fast, heavy, or elite.
you may not take allies.

All that being said, here’s my rough draft. I’m completely open to criticism here. I’m not posting this list because I think it rocks. I’m posting this list to get feedback from those more wise than I am with Marines, which is many. I’m rebooting my Marines and any help is appreciated.

Librarian w/null zone & avenger

Dreadnought w/multi-melta, DCCW w/storm bolter + Drop Pod

Tactical Squad x 10 w/flamer, multi-melta + Sarge w/melta bombs, power sword + Rhino
Tactical Squad x 10 w/melta, heavy bolter + Sarge w/power fist + Rhino

Fast Attack
Land Speeder w/heavy bolter, typhoon missile launcher

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad x 5 w/missiles x 2, lascannon x 1 + Drop Pod

If this is complete crap then tell me, please. Making a good Marine list has always seem to elude me and I’d like to rectify that.

To explain a bit on my selections. Librarian is being used for null zone and the hood. I’d combat squad the second Tact Squad and toss him in that Rhino. The Dev’s Pod is empty to give me the option of firing down the Dread on turn #1 or not. The idea on the Dread’s weapons is to be useful coming out of a Pod or going on foot if required.

As stated earlier, I’m limited on choices here since I’m going with what’s painted, and of course what I own (ah, to have unlimited income and time…). Suffice to say I have some more options available but I’ll save you all from reading the list of my options and putting you in the shoes of building my list for me.

  • Anonymous

    I’d get a heavy flamer on the dread. Your libby has no transportation. Can you put one tac squad in a razorback? Use any extra points for a attack bike or another speeder? Drop the extra pod. You round up, so the dread pod comes in turn 1 if it is the only one regardless.

    • The idea with the Libby is the 2nd Tact Squad would combat squad and he’d join the half in the Rhino. The other half would set up the HB for covering fire, squat an objective, whatever.

      I wish I had another Speeder. As for the extra Pod, that’s so if firing the Dread via-Pod turn #1 is a dumb idea. I can fire the empty one and let the Dread Pod in later. If Podding at all is not going to work then he goes on foot and I’ll just use Pods to block. That’s the rationale anyway.

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