Video Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Chaos Space Marines

Last night I played Khorne Inquisitor in an 1,850 game. He had his Chaos Space Marines and I had mine. We began another campaign at my LGS and last night was the first game. We also played the game as one of our league games for the Maine Warhammer 40K League.

We played my King of the Hill mission but modified to remove the quaternary mission. The rest of the details are in the video. Speaking of, check it out.

I wanted to give a game break-down in the video but it was getting late. As you can see, it was a very rough game for me. I think I was playing a bit too defensively early on, at least on my left side where I had my Maulerfiend, Helbrute and Warpsmith leading Chaos Space Marines. I really should have shoved my army down his throat, which is my typical approach, and I paid for it in not doing so. It was just an off night for me; oh well.

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  • khorneinquisitor

    It was a good game. Having seen you play before I was genuinely surprised that I didn’t get hammered early on by assault. I was also surprised your cultists stayed in reserve. I figured your cultists would have been spread out for infiltration denial units. All in all, I got some supremely lucky rolls which tipped the game quickly. Overall, a fun game. Those spawn continue to be the death of me though as they are always very tough to beat. Those guys probably took as much of a pounding as the rest of your army.

    • I was trying to line up your Lord and Mutilators to get hammered by my Prince and Maulerfiend at the same time. Sound plan since I knew neither on their own would make it but on the other side of that coin was getting gunned down in waiting for that chance. Live and learn.

      Spawn my favorite unit. They are always reliable and for their points they are amazing.

  • JD Brink

    Nicely done and fun to see. My favorite thing, though, is seeing so many cool, painted models in action!

    • Thanks. These will only get better the more I do them. This is the third I’ve done in my 8-years of 40K so video work isn’t up to par.

      The shop we play at is a bit of an anomaly in that most of the regular players have painted armies, or mostly painted. We also have a handful of great painters with some awesome armies as well. You should stop by some time :)

      • JD Brink

        I’d love to. let me check the flight information. ;)

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