My First Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Game

Maelstorm of War MissionsLast night I played my first Warhammer 40K 7th edition game. I brought along my Chaos Space Marines. Originally we were going to be doing a campaign game at 1,350 but we all opted to just play normal games to give 7th edition a whirl. Because of that my list wasn’t ideal since I just tacked on 150pts to my 1,350 list but I just wanted to get in a 7th edition game.

I played against Eldar and a Wraith list. We decided to do one of the Maelstrom of War missions to try out the objective cards and we got the escalation one – I forget its name. It was a hammer and anvil deployment and you drew and held objective cards based on the turn number. So, turn #1 you had one card, turn #2 you had two and so forth.

The game was great. My early cards were to take objectives near me, which I did as I pushed forward. I quickly took a solid lead by getting first blood and managing to take objectives I needed to. In the process I was hammering down his army but his Wraithknights were still free and pounding me with firepower. His early card draws weren’t helping him but then he started climbing back into the game. My army was mostly destroyed by turn #4, I was giving up units for the sake of claiming victory points from the cards, and he then managed to claim every objective at the end of his turn. He had a card to do just that and got 3+D3 for doing so and he got 5 victory points for it. That was enough to put him 1pt ahead of me and then he shot down the remains of my army to claim victory.

It was one of the most fun games I have played in a very long time in any edition of Warhammer 40K. I was eager for the mission cards from 7th edition and rightfully so, they’re a blast. The entire dynamic of the game is altered in using the mission cards. The focus becomes taking certain objectives and killing particular units from turn to turn which really allows for anyone to stay in the fight. It can make planning your game out hard, especially this mission where we just kept drawing more and more cards as the game progressed, but it’s a challenge and a fun one at that.

These Maelstrom of War missions really reward good tactical thinking and the ability to adapt turn by turn. It’s not about getting ready for that last turn objective grab or just nuking your opponents scoring units like in 6th. You have to plan ahead, as much as you can, work on neutralizing the enemy while remaining fluid enough to adjust depending on the card draw. It’s great and I really look forward to playing more of these missions.

  • TheRhino

    Glad to hear it! It’ll be a while before I can actually play the new edition. but it sounds like the Maelstrom missions are my kind of game.

    • It’s great. I also like that it rewards various styles of lists and armies. For example, there’s 6 objectives placed and numbered. Some of the cards tell you to take objective #X. That objective could be in the enemy’s deployment, mid-table, your deployment zone, etc. My aggressive play style worked well for snagging those mid-field objectives as they came up but not so much for when I had to grab those in my deployment zone.

      I also really like that I can play the game the way I enjoy, which is to play the mission regardless of my losses. I never play a good late game, never have, as my aggressive nature isn’t suite for it. I can work on taking an early lead, suck up the losses and hope my lead holds if I can’t manage to break my opponent. That was virtually impossible in previous editions.

  • Glad you like the new edition! I haven’t even bought the new book yet – hard to work up motivation after I had invested so much in 6th. Instead, I’ve been focusing on Fantasy and Warmachine haha!

    Anyways, just thought I’d say hey since I hadn’t done that in a while. You’re still on my blog roll and I read here, just don’t really comment much. Looking forward to more thoughts on 7th :)

    • Howdy!

      Fantasy? People play that in your area? Damn!

      Glad you stopped by! I’ll certainly be doing more stuff about my thoughts on 7th. It won’t be aimed at competitive play, that’s never been my thing and others do that better anyway, so more of a casual view of the system.

      Oh, what did you think of the final Wheel of Time book anyway? Haven’t seen you since it came out.

      • Ha, some people play Fantasy. I’ve been painting and will be playing in a couple tournaments coming up. I actually won a tournament not long ago after about 2.5 years of not playing it much. Kind of random, though I got kind of lucky :)

        Has it been that long? Seems like that book has been out for forever, since Sanderson has already written and had published his 2nd Stormlight book since then! I liked the final book, but I have to admit to a slight amount of disappointment. Mat Cauthon is by far my favorite character in that series (followed by Perrin, which is incidentally the name of my 4-month old son, haha!), and I guess I just feel like Sanderson wasn’t able to write him very well. He did an outstanding job on all the other characters, but I felt like it was a different Mat Cauthon at the end.

        That said, lots of really great things about the last book. Lan is SUCH A BADASS! Don’t want to post spoilers here, just …. he’s awesome. Loved the confrontation between Rand and the Dark One. Thought that Ruarc (however you spell his name) got shafted.

        Now I’m just waiting for Sanderson to put out Book 3 of Stormlight. And, I assume, Book 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 haha :)

        • I thought he did well with Mat. It wasn’t Jordan’s Mat but all things considered I think Sanderson ran with it rather well, the entire thing.

          Perrin is my favorite and I was really impressed with his development in the latter books. It was cool to see him finally accept what he was and just become a huge threat. That’s awesome you named your son after him, haha!

          I have not checked out Sanderson’s own stuff yet but I keep meaning to. It sounds like you’re enjoying his works so I’ll have to get to it sooner than later.

  • I’m glad to hear it was a positive experience as well. What was your take on the psychic phase?

    • He had a few psykers, what would be normal for most games, and it was pretty tame. At one point he tried a M2 power, rolled four dice and failed to cast it and didn’t have enough dice to get off another power. Another attempt later and he threw three dice for it and got it off. Our warp pool that turn was just 1 die, I had no psykers myself so I was stuck at the single die which meant I couldn’t stop his power.

      So, from my limited experience, it’s much more balanced than it was in 6th. You figure in 6th if you had two M3 psykers then that meant you could, depending on your powers, cast 6 powers in a turn; which is pretty powerful. Now, if you had those same psykers you would have 6 + D6 for the warp pool. Seeing as you need to throw more dice at it to ensure success you find yourself burning through that warp pool quickly and maybe getting off 2-3 powers a turn now. I like it now. It was way too powerful in 6th.

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