Grimtech’s Menagerie Meets Tzeentch Daemons – 40K Battle Report

Keeping with my themed list, I again brought my Grimtech (Warpsmith) led unbound list. I tweaked it a little from the last game, though nothing really major. All the same units, just swapped out the weapons on the Helbrute, and bought a Gift of Mutation for Grimtech.

Disciples of Twilight (Chaos Space Marines) – 1,500pts


  • Grimtech (Warpsmith) – Bolt Pistol, Power Axe, Mark of Nurgle, Aura of Dark Glory, Blight Grenades, Melta Bombs, Gift of Mutation

Fast Attack

  • Heldrake – Baleflamer

Heavy Support

  • Ragefist (Defiler) – Battle Cannon, Reaper Autocannon, Twin-linked Heavy Flamer, Power Fists x 2, Dirge Caster
  • Obliterators (3) – Mark of Nurgle

Lords of War

  • Chaos Knight Titan Errant – Heavy Stubber, Thermal Cannon, Foe-reaper Chainsword, Dirge Caster, Daemon Knight of Tzeentch


  • Helcult
    • Hellscream (Helbrute) – Twin-linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher
    • Cultists x 20 – Autopistol, Close Combat Weapon, Flamer x 2
    • Cultists x 10 – Autogun, Heavy Stubber

I was playing Ed and his Daemons of Tzeentch. If I recall, he had: Fateweaver, Daemon Prince, Herald of Tzeentch (3), Screamers (10), 2 x Pink Horrors (10). So, we both had pretty small elite lists, but his could summon.

The Game

Out of the gate, Ed summoned in a Lord of Change, and in turn gave up a Pink Horror unit. First Blood to me. His army advanced, and the Lord of Change came right at me.

My Cultists moved up and towards my right, to try to screen my Obliterators and Grimtech from his Daemon Prince. Shots into the Lord of Change put a wound on him.

The Daemon Prince got into my fearless Cultists, and they held him up for a few phases. Meanwhile, Ed moved his Heralds with Screamers right at my castled up army. The Lord of Change also came right at me, but he was flying, so no charge.

Between my Obliterators, and Helbrute, I brought down the Lord of Change with shooting, netting me 3pts (kill a psyker, kill a flyer or FMC, and kill a character). My Knight failed his 1st of 3 failed charges for the game trying to get at the Screamers and Heralds.

Ed continued moving around, but stayed near my army. Flamers were summoned to remove my other Cultist unit.

The game was close, but I was down by a point or two. This was where I screwed up. I had to get an objective that the Flamers were on, but I didn’t realize until too late, that some summoned Screamers were in contesting range of it. I got the Flamers, but failed to get the 2pts for the objective because of those Screamers. Had I measured before shooting, I could have dealt with both units, but I messed up.

Things got fun from here. The Daemon Prince, having destroyed the Cultists, came for Grimtech and the two remaining Obliterators. Grimtech was brought down, but the Oblits got a wound on the Prince. The Prince had that new relic, the robes, that grant a 3++, but if you take a wound you make a LD. If you fail the LD check then you are removed. Well, the Prince failed the LD check and went poof.


The same turn, the Screamers with a Herald went after my Knight. My Knight took out a few with his attacks, and then got a 6 on his Stomp, removing 4 more to leave only a Herald. The Knight was down to 2 hull points.

Center Clear

I had taken care of the big threats of the board, but Ed had way more mobility than I did. He moved around, continually scoring points, and I struggled just to get 1pt a turn. The game went to turn #7, and I couldn’t win, so I charged my Knight into a summoned unit of Screamers. Ed really wanted to take out my Knight, so I gave him the chance. The Screamers were up for the job and finished it off.


It was a very fun game. Normally Ed destroys me in games, and he did this time as well in terms of points, but I did some serious damage to his army. I only had the Heldrake left at the end, and Ed has a unit of Horrors, a few Heralds, and Fateweaver. It wasn’t nearly the one-sided game that our games tend to be. Most of that was between some bad rolls by him, and some good ones by me, but that’s the game, and I can live with that.

As for my list, I’m still not impressed with the Helcult. Granted, it’s a cheap formation, but it really just isn’t doing anything for me. The Helbrute did well enough, but I didn’t need the formation for that. The Cultists, by virtue of the formation’s Fearless, did hold up a Prince for a bit. So, it wasn’t useless by any means. I think if I had more Cultists to bulk up the squads, then it would be more worthwhile for me.


  • Glad to see you are still refining the list, sounds like fun was had anyway.

    • Yeah, it was a fun game. I’m just glad I held up as long as I did honestly.

  • Thanks for the write up!

    • Thanks for reading ;)

  • Tirelion

    Thanks for letting me kill your knight on my birthday! 😉

    • What can I say, I’m a giver ;)

  • Turkadactyl

    Thanks for the batrep.

  • Chaz Sexington

    Like you’re saying, you need more Cultists to make the formations worth it. I find their sweet spot is against Orks, IG, and SMs (with MoS) due to the Initiative order, especially when armed with CCW and pistols.

    Our Helbrutes suck balls compared to Loyalist ones (2 fewer attacks and cost the same), but they can be decent dakkadreads, especially if you get a bunch of shooty Cultists to be meat shields for the 3+ cover save.

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