Week #3 – June’s Tournament

Last night was the final night for the ongoing tournament. I’m not feeling up to writing a narrative battle report so here’s the breakdown. I played two games last night. My first game was against the best Ork player at the shop, also one of the best players at the shop period. So good in fact that he’s going to ‘ard Boyz Nationals. My list was:

* Big Mek
* Warboss
* Nobz x 5  + Trukk
* ‘ard Boyz x 12 + Trukk
* Slugga Boyz x 12 + Trukk
* Shoota Boyz x 19
* Grots x 11
* Deff Dread
* Wartrakks x 3
* Kanz x 3
* Battlewagon

And his list was:

* Warboss
* Meganobz x 6 + Trukk
* Lootas x 10
* Slugga Boyz x 25
* Slugga Boyz x 25
* Grots x 18
* Stormboyz x 20
* Kanz x 3
* Kanz x 3

This mission had five objectives, one center and two in each of our deployment zones that we got to place. I spread mine out in my zone knowing I had the speed to reach either and not wanting him to daisy-chain his Boyz into multiple. He put both of his pretty well center in his zone. I got first turn and the first few turns really just saw me sit tight and try to thin him down. The biggest threat was coming down the center with three Kanz leading 25 Boyz, 20 Stormboyz and the Warboss riding with the Meganobz in the Trukk. To my right he was advancing three more Kanz leading the other 25 Boyz. My plan was to thin out the center and then send in my forces to fold it while I left my BW with Shoota Boyz guarding the right. Well, my Shoota Boyz performed perfectly and I removed all the Boyz and Kanz. The center was another matter.

He got some great rolls on his Stormboyz and got a charge by turn #2 into my Dread. His Kanz got a charge on my Kanz also. I basically spent the rest of the game clearing out Stormboyz and then dealing with Meganobz while his center Boyz and Grots held two objectives. I completely forgot about a charge I set up to remove his Meganobz, which should have worked, and that forgetfulness cost me an objective in my deployment zone. In the end I had one objective with Shoota Boyz but his Meganobz held one and his Grots held another. My BW deff rolled into the center one and contested that last turn. He had me on objectives and kill points and so he got a massacre. Had I not brain farted and pulled off my charge on his Meganobz then I’d have held two objectives while he held two. He still would have had me on kill points but he’d have only received a minor victory.

Now, we are able to play multiple games in one night for this tournament. If you play more than one game then you take an average of your games for the night. I needed to offset my 0 score for the first game and another player needed to make up a game he missed last week. So, my second game was against Marines in the same mission I had played the week previous, the one with random objectives.

His list was roughly:

* Librarian
* Tactical Marines x 10 + Drop Pod
* Tactical Marines x 10 + Rhino
* Tactical Marines x 10 + Rhino
* Tactical Marines x 10 + Rhino
* Land Speeder
* Land Speeder
* Devastators x 5
* Vindicator

I got first turn and it was dawn of war deployment. I chose not to deploy anything and he set up a Rhino with Tacts in the center. Like last week, I moved everything in central to stay in KFF range and see what turned into objectives. The first objective to show up was far left in the middle of the board, well within Trukk range. I kept advancing to the center of the board because there were four objectives close together there. I lost my Warboss’ Trukk and then a Slugga Boyz Trukk in the center of the board and my Sluggas lost their heart for the fight and ran away…*groans*

The second objective popped up in his deployment zone where he had a disembarked Tact squad. Now we had two objectives, both within about 20″ of each other. To win I just needed more objectives and so I set myself up to remove him off the one he held. My Dread got a charge off on one Tact squad and my Shoota Boyz got a charge on the Devs right next to those Tacts. Combat continued, Marined held their ground.

The last objective showed up where my Grots were, thank god. I had moved my ‘ard Boyz to that first objective so I held two and one was being contested by me. The Shoota Boyz and Dread combat had lasted a few turns with the Shoota Boyz winning out and the Dread clearing off the Tacts. However, he had last turn and he had two functional Land Speeders. He zoomed to contest two of the three objectives and tried to clear Grots off theirs but was unable to. Game ended with me holding one objective and we had a draw on kill points (amazing!), so I claimed a major victory.

That last game helped me offset my massacre loss earlier but I’m definitely out of contention for winning. Next week people can do make up games so I won’t know the results until then. I could still win something, just not best overall. Overall though I’m happy with the results, though I’d be happier had I not forgotten that charge…grrr. In the end I went 3-1 and took two massacres and a major victory, of course a massacre loss too. My tournament performance has come a real long way since my first one just seven months ago, this being my fifth tournament ever.

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