Weekly Battle: Another Team Game

Battle: WraithlordAt the LGS we seem to be slowly migrating away from every week playing practice games for the upcoming monthly tournaments, which is good. I’m all for practice but doing the same thing week in and week out gets old.

I was paired up with a Grey Knight player, well, primarily a Daemon player who happens to also have some Grey Knights. We faced off against Space Wolves and a fledgling Eldar player. We had decided to do a 2K game, so 1K per-player. To keep with the interesting aspect we rolled off for a Battle Mission and got Surprise Attack with my team being the ‘enemy’. We had to deploy everything on the board 12″ from any table edge and each of our units 6″ apart. The other team got to enter the game on any board edge. The goal was modified kill points.

Our deployment was keeping our squishy stuff central with our assault units wrapping it. Our opponents entered with all the Space Wolves on one long edge, Wraithlord on another and Eldar coming in on the left flank. They wasted no time and the Wraithlord charged Grey Knight Terminators and Striking Scorpions charging regular Grey Knights. The Wraithlord singled out and removed the Librarian and the Scorpions traded a few bodies with the Grey Knights.

I advanced Monthu (aka: Shrike), with Assault Marines to the left flank where the Eldar were huddled. My Ironclad via-Drop Pod arrives near the Wraithlord combat. Our shooting was minimal and I charged Monthu + ASM into some War Walkers. I wanted to multi-charge them and Dire Avengers but my fleet roll was a bit short and I didn’t think I could reach both. One War Walker went down and another lost some guns. Scorpion combat continues, each whittling one another down and the Wraithlord took another 1-2 Termies.

Eldar decide to charge in Guardians and Dire Avengers with the Farseer into my ASM. So far the Space Wolves have been advancing but haven’t gotten in range of anything. Guardian and Dire Avengers jump into the combat and I lose around 6 Marines. I took out another War Walker but lost combat. This mission gave my team stubborn for being defenders and I made morale. The protracted Scorpion and Grey Knights combat continues.

The Grey Knight Dreadnought advanced on a smaller Grey Hunters Squad and I moved up my Storm with the Dreadnought. Between heavy flamer, assault cannon, storm bolter and the Culexus Assassin’s shooting, we removed a chunk of Grey Hunters. The Dreadnought charged in but didn’t destroy them all. My Ironclad charges the Wraithlord, gave it two wounds and then was wrecked. My ASM lose a few more but I win combat with Monthu dragging down a few, however they held.

Things get a bit fuzzy from hear because of all the combats I wasn’t 100% sure of what was going on with my teammate’s stuff. Monthu and one remaining ASM manage to win combat again and this time the Guardians and Dire Avengers break but I’m stuck in with the last War Walker. They have to run to the nearest edge and over the next two turns both Guardians and Dire Avengers with the Farseer run off the board. I blew up the War Walker and consolidate to hide. My teammate, with no Farseer around to mess with his psychic tests, finally gets off hammerhand and takes the last wound off the Wraithlord. The Scorpions finally remove the Grey Knights and only have an Exarch left.

By now we’ve managed a relatively good lead after being down big in the first two turns. We go on defense and just keep moving away from the Space Wolves, all that’s left on the table once our shooting takes out the Scorpion Exarch. The Space Wolves manage to gain some more kill points though by taking out my Drop Pod, a Vindicare and finishing off the last two Termies with shooting. It’s a tie game and we have one last turn. There was one remaining Grey Hunter from a squad so I move up my Rhino with Tacts, get out and drop him to take a one point victory.

What a crazy game. My MPV, as damn near always, was Monthu. In that combat with 75% of the Eldar army he was making armor saves like a champ and taking down Eldar, giving me the wins in combat, with one finally breaking them. Statistically I should have lost that big combat in a major way but just proves mathhammer is a tool, a guide, not law. Had the Space Wolves been involved in the game earlier, bad difficult terrain and run rolls kept them behind, the game likely would have been very different.

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