Weekly Battle: Apocalypse Can Be Fun

Warhound - ApocalypseThis month we began what will become a monthly routine at the LGS with the first 40K night of the month being Apocalypse. I had reservations about this because I’ve only played a handful of times, the first time being not fun at all and really putting me off. The second time wasn’t so bad but still not all that much fun.

For last night we decided to do it as a team game with each player taking 2K, so a 4K game, a manageable size for Apocalypse. I paired off with someone using a mix of Eldar, Blood Angels and Grey Knights for a super cheesy elite army. I proxied an Eldar Titan as a Warhound and ran 2 x 5 Termies, 10 Sternguard in a Pod with combi-weapons and an Ironclad in a Pod. Oh, I also took Tigurius just for the hell of it. I know he’s a waste of 230pts but it was a fun game, so what the hell.

We were playing a Daemon army with An’ggrath, and assorted other things, and a Ork army running a Green Tide and a Gargant, as well as some other units.

My team got first turn and the Warhound and Land Raider managed to immobilize the Gargant. My Sternguard landed and put shots into some scouted Deffkoptas and broke them. Their turn saw An’ggrath arrive and lots of other Daemons while the Green Tide pushed the board center, coming at us. I lost all of a Sternguard Combat Squad except Tigurius who went to ground and made his save against an instant death missile shot.

The Warhound and my Drop Podded Ironclad stripped the big gun off the Gargant and took a structure point. My combi-melta Sternguard Squad put three wounds on An’ggrath. The Blood Angels Vanguard, all armed with storm shields and thunder hammers with two Priests in tow, charged some Blood Crushers. The tooled up Draigo, with the relic stratagem on him, charged An’ggrath and in the end An’ggrath had one wound left.

Here’s where things went ass up. Orks piled out of a Trukk and took slugga shots into the back of my Ironclad and immobilized him. The plan was to charge the Ironclad into the Green Tide and hold that up all game. An’ggrath came over and bitch slapped the Warhound for a cataclysmic explosion, taking out a Drop Pod and a few Sternguard. We couldn’t recover from that point on and fought to try to deny what we could for objectives but it just didn’t happen for us.

A highlight is Draigo taking on the Green Tide on his own and lasting through three full turns of combat. Draigo had the benefit of fortune and took down nearly half the Boyz. However, An’ggrath charged Eldrad and took him out but not before Eldrad put the final wound on An’ggrath. Once Draigo lost fortune he was promptly beat down.

This was the first Apocalypse game I played that was actually enjoyable. The previous games I played were huge games, 8K range and with 3-4 players a side. Playing a smaller game as a 2v2 was a ton more fun. Using the Warhound was something I was really looking forward too and was not disappointed. I wish they made a great plastic kit for the Warhound like they did for the Gargant. I’d consider getting one then but no way will I spend the cash on the Forgeworld version.

  • Turon

    Yeah last night was a lot of fun. My friend Terry makes titans out of random toys and they actually come out really cool.

    • I’ve been keeping an eye out on toys for a good Titan base but no luck so far.

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