Weekly Battle Report: Big Team Game

Battle Report - TeamworkLast night at the LGS we held a bitz trade, got some cool stuff I needed, but it also resulted in a larger than usual turnout. There were four of us not gaming and one table, so we threw down a 4K per-side team game. I paired off with a Space Wolf player against Dark Eldar and Tau. I knew it would prove interesting as me and my teammate had a heavy assault force against an assault army paired with a shooty army. If they could work together well it would be rough for us. Here’s the battle report.

Now, there’s no way I’m going to recap this beyond broad strokes. We got first turn in seize ground with spearhead deployment. We had a huge pyramid in the center of the board blocking major line of sight. There were three objectives spread across the pyramid, that’s how big it was, one that ended up in our deployment zone (left flank), and one across from it on the other long edge (also left).

We more-or-less pushed our force to the 12″ limit of the center with fire support on our left flank. Our opponents deployed much the same but with Eldar pushing that line and Tau behind him and spread to our right flank, a mirror of us basically. We all had some infiltrators, except Dark Eldar, so I put five sniper Scouts on the furthest left objective in some woods as bait. Tau put some Stealth Suits in the back left corner, near the Scouts, which I countered with Lord Monthu (counts-as Shrike), and Assault Marines near my Scouts, between the Suits. Wolf Scouts infiltrated to our far right behind a building and then Kroot on the other side of that building. They then stole the initiative.

Two Raiders moved forward at full speed and rammed into some of our vehicles getting stunned results, downgraded to shaken thanks to extra armor. My Assault Marines lost a few to firing and that was about the extent of their turn. Our shooting saw the two forward Raiders downed and my ASM assaulted the Stealth Suits, running them down.

They countered big with Reavers flying over my ASM and reducing me to just Monthu and the Sarge. We lost a Rhino and a half a Grey Hunter squad in our deployment zone. Lelith and Blood Brides charged into my Scouts, destroying them. This was a crucial mistake by the Dark Eldar player. He showed his hand too early and for next to nothing. Those Scouts could have been shot to death easily, I only had three left, but instead he got out and charged.

Here’s how the rest of the game went. We threw 10 Grey Hunters, Ragnar with his wolves, accompanying Grey Hunters (13 I believe), and Monthu and my ASM Sarge at Lelith and the Blood Brides. It became a combat of attrition which we won eventually. Dark Eldar did support the combat with the Reavers and an Arhcon but the Reavers proved a detriment to the combat, forcing fearless wounds on the Archon.

Meanwhile in the center of the board, my Assault Termies with Cassius multi-charged two Crisis Suit teams and removed them. I lost all the Termies to shooting, those left from the combat, and had Cassius left. Cassius charged into more Crisis suits and was stuck in combat. Outflanking Wolf Scouts arrived behind some Fire Warriors and destroyed them.

At this point we called the game. It was getting late and we were about to hit the top of turn #4. What they had for troops left were either fleeing, about to die, or too far from objectives to be of use.

It was a fun game, as team games often are. The Dark Eldar player is new to the current codex but is a Dark Eldar player from back in the day, so he’s adjusting to the changes in the codex as well as recently having gotten back into 40K and catching up on 5th. He started strong but held back a bit too much with some stuff and was too aggressive with some others, namely Lelith and the Blood Brides. The pyramid kept the Tau shooting to a minimal and he wasn’t able to effectively support the Dark Eldar, which let us take them on at our leisure.

This was also a great break from the non-stop play testing I’ve been doing in getting ready for the tournament this Saturday at the LGS. I find at some point you have to go with what you have and relax a bit, there’s only so much you can do.

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