Weekly Battle: Fate’s Angels vs Team Edward

Battle: Team EdwardWednesday night I got in a game against Blood Angels, an army I routinely have problems dealing with effectively. We ran a 2,500 game to try to work out some ‘ard Boyz ideas. Here’s the list I put together.

* Fate Lord Monthu (aka: Shrike)
* Librarian w/TDA, SS (might of ancients, null zone)
* Assault Termies x 5 w/TH, SS x 4, LC x 1 + Redeemer w/armor, MM
* Tacts x 10 w/MG, MM + Sarge w/c-melta, fist + Rhino w/HK
* Tacts x 10 w/PG, LC + Sarge w/c-flamer, power sword, melta bombs + Rhino w/HK
* Scouts x 5 w/shotguns x 2, BP + CCW x 2 + Sarge w/melta bombs, power sword
* Scouts x 5 w/sniper rifles x 4, ML x 1 + Telion
* Assault Marines x 10 + Sarge w/SS, fist
* Storm w/HF
* Typhoons x 2
* Devs x 10 w/ML x 4 + Razorback w/las-plas
* Pred w/AC, LC

This is built off what I’ve run at the 2K level. I wanted to start with a list I’m familiar with and work from there. My opponent ran something like this. I’m omitting wargear because I’m lazy:

* Dante
* Librarian
* Honor Guard x 5 w/MG
* Priest
* Priest
* Death Company x 10 w/Lemartes
* Death Company Dread
* Death Company Dread
* Assault Marines x 10
* Assault Marines x 10
* Stormraven
* Stormraven

We rolled up seize ground with pitched battle deployment and my opponent going first. He deployed both Stormravens centrally, one with just a Dread and the other with Death Company and Dread. I set up the core of my army across from him with combat squad Devs on the left flank with the Razorback and infiltrated my sniper Scouts on the back right flank. I opted to outflank the Storm and Scouts as well as Monthu and ASM.

Fist turn he boosted the Stormraven with Death Company in my face while the other moved mid-field near an objective. I downed the mid-field Stormraven and despite pouring my entire army, minus the unit that downed the other Stormraven, into this thing I could do no more than shake it.

Next turn his entire army arrived. One ASM squad landed on my right flank near the Typhoons. Dante and Honor Guard behind my Land Raider with another ASM squad beside it. Death Company and Dread jumped out of the Stormraven. I lost the Land Raider and Death Company and Dread chewed up the 5 Devs and stunned a Rhino. My Predator was also immobilized with shooting and I lost one Typhoon and the missiles off the other.

I knew I really had to make a dent this turn or fight an uphill battle for the rest of the game. My ASM outflanked on the left and I kept them back a bit, out of charge range. My shooting downed both Storm Ravens, both Dreads and a random dude here and there. My Termies charged an ASM squad and forced them to flee.

It quickly became a game of attrition and denial from here. He advanced a squad of ASM up the right flank where there was a cluster of objectives and they were downed with shooting and my assaulting Scouts out of the Storm. Honor Guard and Dante charged my Termies, with the Termies eventually going down. My ASM then jumped Dante and Honor Guard. When the smoke cleared my ASM were gone but he had one guy left. The last of the Honor Guard was shot down and the Death Company reduced to 2 guys and Lemartes. I had made it to 2 objectives and his earlier ASM who were fleeing rallied and got to one of them. The game ended on turn 5, giving me a victory.

By far one of my best showings against Blood Angels yet. The big mistake he made was deep striking and placing most of his army in the middle of mine. I had them completely enveloped and in range of all my guns. Had he chosen to hammer down on a flank, namely the right, he could have taken out my troop mobility and then just fled away to the objectives. Being too aggressive too early worked against him.

Here’s a few shots from the game. The quality sucks, it’s my cell phone, but you can see the parking lot the center of the board became. All the armor shown here it wrecked or destroyed: 2 Dreads, 2 Stormravens, 1 Land Raider, 1 Rhino and 1 Land Speeder.

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