Weekly Battle Report: First Battle Against Grey Knights

Battle Report - Grey KnightsI brought Fate’s Angels, my Marines, and faced Grey Knights last night. I had a test list I was trying out that was more shooting oriented than I normally run, which I figured would be handy since he had a large 10-man Paladin Squad and I certainly wasn’t going to beat him in assault. So, here’s the battle report.

We rolled spearhead deployment for annihilation. I got first turn and set up near the edges with my Tactical Termies with attached Librarian shielding it. He set up his Paladins front and center, along with Crowe, with some shooty guys (forget what they were), in some woods with a Vindicare and Eversor hanging with them. He had a Storm Raven reserved with Purifiers in it.

I had a unit I was testing and this was a rather ideal match for it. I put 10 Sternguard in a Pod with all combi-plasma and combi-meltas. It dropped in turn #1 and combined with my other shooting took out four Paladins. He returned fire on the Sternguard and removed about half the unit.

For the first three turns I really just sat back and shot and he was getting close enough that it was charge or be charged. I moved up my Assault Marines with Shrike, who were hanging back for just this situation, and advanced my Termies. However, a low fleet roll ensured my ASM weren’t joining the fight and the Paladins rolled my charging Termies. From here on I just kept trying to deal with the Paladins and couldn’t. His Storm Raven came in and the Purifiers cleared out the ASM. We went to turn #7 and I was tabled.

Brutal game. In hindsight I should have been backing up my Termies a bit each turn to keep the Paladins out of charge range and waited until he only had a few left before considering going at them. I also would have been better served moving my ASM to attack his back lines where the shooting unit was with assassins instead of just waiting around. If I had combined the efforts of my Sternguard with the ASM then I could have cleared his flank and pinched the Paladins.

Despite being rolled, it was a fun game. It was my first look at Grey Knights and they they are devastating for sure. With a few more games under my belt against these guys and I might actually make it a close game.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Paladins are stupidly resilient. I played against 10 of them + Draigo at the tournament and it took all damn game to kill ’em off. I was hitting them with 9 plasma rifles and 3 railguns for about 4 straight turns too.

    • Yeah, Draigo was there too of course and absorbing a ton of the fire power personally. The Paladins were just too resilient even with focusing on them. Next time I figure I’ll just play cat and mouse with them and just hammer the weaker elements then deal with Paladins last. An objective mission would have been a whole different thing though.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I did. I don’t think I fired a single shot at the paladins in my first game against them until the PAGK and vehicles were all neutralized. Until you can put enough fire on them to really dent ’em, it doesn’t matter. I’m still surprised that hammernators didn’t roll them.

        • Funny thing. You catch I said a shooty list for me? Yeah, that included Tactical Termies, not Assault Termies. Had I Assault Termies then I probably still would have gone down under volume of attacks alone but may have had 1-2 alive to bring down a few before crumbling next phase.

          Overall I like the list I ran but I would swap in the Assault Termies next time.

          • Amberclad87

            Paladins are stupid good. Last time I played Dave and his grey knights I threw my 10 man assault terminator squad, Grimaldus, the emperors champion, and a 20 man blob of initiates/neophytes at his paladins. I killed a bunch, but he won that assault and went on to kill other stuff as well. I have found that a good way to beat grey knights is just to have more guys than they have. I haven’t lost to grey knights for this reason.

            • You have worthwhile troop choices that accelerate towards the enemy. I have mediocre troop choices with no bonuses who are virtually useless on foot. Everything else is too expensive to field en masse.

              I do have some ideas though that will help against GKs but not be useless against everything else. We’ll see how it goes next time.

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