Weekly Battle: Kill Team Tournament

Kill TeamEvery now and then we do these small tournaments on the regular 40K night at the LGS. Last night we did a Kill Team tournament. I mulled around various ideas and in the end just went with throwing down 7 Immortals. Having T5 in such a small game meant I likely would not see an instant death weapon, so always getting WBB from shooting if I kept my Immortals close enough. I gave one of them tank hunter, another FNP and the last furious charge.

Game one was against IG. He fielded a Valkyrie with multi-laser and two heavy bolters, a small squad of Guard (forget the exact number), with two grenade launchers and an autocannon. The first few turns was me trying to remove the autocannon who was in a building while advancing up my Immortals to get range on the Valkyrie with dudes in it. Eventually the autocannon died and I had lost I believe one Immortal. A few rounds later I immobilized the Valkyrie and stripped off the multi-laser and a heavy bolter. By now I had three Immortals close to it and he disembarked, took down an Immoral in shooting and his Sergeant charged an Immortal. That combat dragged out, I lost another Immortal from the Valkyrie’s single heavy bolter, I downed two Guardsmen in shooting and was then charged by two. Those combats continued until the end of the game. I had lost enough to start making LD checks and eventually failed. A loss for me.

Second game was against Vanilla Marines with 5 Scouts (one missile), and 5 Assault Marines (one plasma pistol). I deployed back in my corner and used a building to shield myself some. He put his ASM on the other side of that building, back a bit, and infiltrated his Scouts, putting his missile behind my gun line. His shooting had no effect and I dropped two Scouts. Next turn he got into close combat with two Immortals, neither of us winning. I believe I downed another Scout and charged two Immortals to aid one of the combats and another Immortal to aid the other. Those combats, and another from more charging ASM, went the entire game. He’d get wounds, I’d make 3+ saves and any I failed made their WBB rolls. I eventually dragged down two ASM and a Scout who joined in the combat, and started forcing LD checks. On his third LD check he failed, giving me the win.

Last game was against a Chaos player with 5 Chosen, 2 plasmaguns and 3 meltas. He also had a Rhino with a havoc launcher. The terrain on this board was a really dense city so I deployed in area terrain, keeping a pretty tight formation for WBB rolls. He infiltrated everything, minus the Rhino of course, to get within 12″ of me. My opponent had some really terrible rolling in this game. He only managed to shoot at me about fives times with his plasma and melta and consistently rolled 1’s to wound. He did get a wound on me but I made my cover save. The dense terrain wasn’t doing him any favors. In the end I managed to remove three Chosen with shooting and he had a plasmagun overheat and take himself out. He promptly failed the LD test and lost.

It was a fun night and my IG opponent from round one went 3-0 to win. Second place was Ripped who went 2-0-1 (the 1 being a draw), with his Orks. The ‘booby’ prize was given to my second round opponent. I believe it was a sportsmanship award of sorts. I enjoy these small tournaments as they’re cheaper to enter and quick to play through and it’s much more low-key than the normal tournaments; not that those are overly stressful really.

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