Weekly Battle: Last Practice Before Saturday’s Tournament

Battle: Alpha LegionThis Saturday is the LGS’s team tournament. It’s 1,250 per-player, random partners with a modified force org: 1 HQ, 0-1 elites, 1-3 troops, 0-1 fast attack, 0-1 heavy support. You can double up one of the 0-1 slots. This makes pairing up easier to avoid things like 4 heavies.

I ran the same list from the other week, which was:

* Fate Lord Monthu (counts-as Shrike)
* Ironclad w/s-hammer & melta, hurricane bolter + Pod
* Ironclad w/s-hammer & melta, DCCW w/h-flamer, HK x 2 + Pod
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, lascannon + Sarge w/c-flamer, power sword + Rhino w/HK
* ASM x 9 + Sarge w/SS, fist
* Devs x 7 w/ML x 4 + Pod

I was paired with a Black Templar player with a mostly foot list, though he had 2 Razorbacks with TL-lascannons. Our opponents were a Daemon player and Chaos player. We again tested my Defensive Onslaught mission, five objectives, and my team took first turn.

We deployed the mass of infantry in our quarter wrapping the home objective. I had both Ironclads arriving via-pods and an empty pod, plus Monthu and ASM infiltrating. They deployed a Predator in their back corner in front of the Sorcerer’s Rhino. The rest of Chaos was reserved or outflanking. I then infiltrated the ASM 18″ from those vehicles on the left flank.

Our initial plan was to take out the Sorcerer to avoid him lashing around the huge Crusader Squad. Both my Ironclads landed in range of the vehicles and my ASM advanced. Shooting failed me but on the charge I wrecked the Rhino and took the turret of the Predator, immobilized it and shook it. The Daemons dropped into their table quarter to aid Chaos with Blood Crushers, Flamers and the Keeper. The Flamers managed to immobilize one Dreadnought and the Sorcerer and crew charged Monthu and the ASM. The Sorcerer tore through a handful of guys, Monthu did likewise and we drew.

We advanced the blob up and my Tacts to deal with the Crushers. My empty pod landed on the top right objective. Our shooting failed to do much and we charged the Crushers, who stuck around. Monthu and ASM drew combat against the Sorcerer and squad. Daemons got some Horrors who landed near my empty pod. I forgot most of what occurred this round.

Most of the rest of the game revolved around that left flank and mid-field area from various combats. The Sorcerer took down Monthu with his force weapon and killed himself from perils as a result. Then the ASM moved on to tie up the Flamers, the Crushers eventually went down and the Keeper ran off after taking a wound.

The game ran seven turns and was damn close. They were holding one objective to our two. They tried taking down one of our objective units to get the draw but couldn’t make it. We did manage to remove their objective holding unit though and in the end took a 2-0 win, a minor victory by the mission.

What ultimately did the other team in was their use of reserves. Only having the two units on the board to start left them open to my drop pod assault and infiltrating ASM. Combine the use of reserves by Chaos with Daemons having to reserve and it was piece meal arrival. Despite that they fought well and made some good calls. If Chaos either reserved everything or put it all on the board then the game would have been even closer.

  • Anonymous

    Nice report as always, good luck in the tournament!  You should take pictures of your games :)

    • You know, one of these days I may do just that. I’d do it today if only the camera battery wasn’t in need of recharging and I had the time to wait for it. Printing off my list now, gathering up the army and I’ll be on my way.

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