Weekly Battle: March 30th – Purging Xenos

Battle: Fight ClubInstead of doing a full blown battle report I figured I’d chat a bit about the stuff I was trying out. I played against Tau last night and I brought Fate’s Angels, my Marines. Since I had redone Attack and Defend I wanted to test it out. In short, the idea is to grab the enemy’s deployment zone with more scoring units than he has in his zone and have more in your own than he has in yours.

I got first turn so I got to test out my Scout Bikers I was experimenting with. I gave them three grenade launchers and the Sarge had a combi-melta and fist, total unit of five. Turn #1 they laid some heavy fire into some Stealth Suits, causing 13 wounds, but he only lost one. They charged in and routed the Stealth Suits. Meanwhile my Assault Marines with Shrike assaulted some Crisis Suits and were locked in combat.

My other experiment was a Redeemer, which did about what most Land Raiders to in a game, advanced up and unloaded Termies. It didn’t get much shooting in during this game but it served its role of delivery and absorbing shots, no complaints.

My opponent conceeded the game by turn #4. The first turn assault took an early toll on him and I was able to press the early advantage. He wanted to try again though so we rolled off and he got first turn this time. It would be a good chance to see how my list plays when I can’t gaurantee locking units in assault out of the gate.

He decided to deploy his army in two halves this time and deep strike in three Suits as well as the Stealth Suits. He also infiltrated his Kroot. I set up heavy on the right flank with my vehicles and put Scouts, ASM + Shrike and my two Speeders on the left to deal with that flank. I turbo boosted forward my Scout Bikers to gain a 3+ save and to be a distraction.

The first turn saw the loss of my Bikers, which was expected, however it took most of his turn’s shooting to remove them. That let me move up my vehicles and pop smoke. Nothing spectacular on the second turn with his shooting. My ASM + Shrike destroyed his Kroot, Speeders took out two Crisis Suits and one Tact Squad took the railgun off a Hammerhead.

Between his deep strikers showing up way later than he needed them and my Termies unloading and devestating his back lines, the game was over.

I must admit I was happy with the Scout Biker’s performance. With my aggressive list it gives me another advanced unit that’s capable of dealing with infantry and light vehicles and can take some shots. I did throw them away on the second game but it was calculated and worked out. Definitely not something I’ll do every game but I have no reservations throwing Marines at someone with the sole purpose of dieing in the name of the Emperor so others may live.

The Redeemer I was also happy with. The second game it actually got off some shooting and did alright by it. The short range of the flamestorm cannons doesn’t bother me where I’m moving it 12″ a turn anyway. If I get to use the flamestorm cannons then great, if not then that’s fine too. This was only the second time I’ve fielded a Land Raider and it was more survivable than I expected. I don’t expect that every game though, that’s for sure.

You may have noticed I didn’t post my list. The reason being that I’m still experimenting and even though I did well last night with it, it’s not optimal at this point. Really, I got an ideal pairing by playing Tau last night and I’m not going to claim my list was amazing by itself. I’m refining it for the tournament next month and when I’m more happy with it I’ll toss it up.

  • Anonymous

    out of curiousity, what did his list look like? If he’s running stealth suits, then obviously not optimal, but I’d be curious to see what he had. AV14 is harder to Tau to deal with than most people expect since we have no melta bomb/multi-melta equivalents.

    • Let’s see what I can recall here.

      Command w/2 body guard – mix of stuff, fusion, 2 shield drones, pods, maybe some plasma (forget since the first game they were assaulted before they could do anything and game #2 they showed up turn #5 and did nothing)
      Crisis Suits x 3 – fireknives, few drones
      Crisis Suits x 3 – flamer, pods (think pods), few drones
      Broadsides x 2 – railguns, plasma, few drones
      Hammerheads x 2 – railguns, burst cannons
      Fire Wariors x 10 + Fish
      Fire Warriors x 10 + Fish
      Kroot x 10
      Stealth Suits x 6 w/about 8 gun drones

      I forget which units had which drones other than the Stealth Suits but you get the idea.

      • Anonymous

        ah yes, shopping cart tau. The inability of many tau players to lay off the upgrades surprises me no end

        • It wasn’t an optimized list but it was mostly his deployment that did him in. I think he thought he’d get more shooting in on me and it just wasn’t the case with a mobile fleeting army.

  • I can vouch for Redeemers – I run a mainly Rhino-mechanized Blood Angel list with a Redeemer chock full of Termies/Sang Priest as the tip of the spear. I also typically play against Tau, and in one battle, the Redeemer was able to torch a 12-strong squad of Kroot, including a Shaper, with a single round of shooting. This, in that game’s context, allowed my Terminators to hop out and engage higher priority targets. All in all, I think the Redeemer is sorely underrated, as it can do what the other variants can only dream of, at least in close range terms.

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