Weekly Battle: Team Tournament Preparation

This month will be a team tournament at my FLGS so last night we opted to play a team game to get ready. As usual I took Fate’s Angels, my Marines, lead by Fate Lord Monthu (counts-as Shrike). Here’s the list I ran:

* Shrike
* Ironclad w/s-hammer & melta, hurricane bolter + Pod
* Ironclad w/s-hammer & melta, DCCW w/h-flamer, HK x 2 + Pod
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, lascannon + Sarge w/c-flamer, power sword + Rhino w/HK (crap, forgot to use the HK last night!)
* ASM x 9 + Sarge w/SS, fist
* Devs x 7 w/ML x 4 + Pod

We rolled for partners and I got paired with Blood Angels. He had Stormravens x 2 with Death Company x 5 w/Lemartes and a Death Company Dread in one. Packless ASM + Priest + Librarian in the other…think that was everything. We were facing Daemons and Necrons. I wanted to finally play test my mission Defensive Onslaught so that’s what we went with: 5 objectives, spearhead deployment. My team won first turn.

The Tacts broke into a combat squad, one holding the objective in our zone and the other in the Rhino to move to the north quarter objective. The rest of our stuff was deployed to move forward. Necrons put the Monolith in front of two Warrior Squads with the Lord and another Warrior Squad got into a bunker behind that. On the bunker was a Destroyer Squad of five. I infiltrated Monthu + ASM about 16″ from the Warriors behind a building. They failed to seize.

My Ironclads arrived mid-field, in front of the Monolith to charge it next turn, and the Stormravens advanced while Monthu + ASM charged a squad of Warriors and the Destroyers, wiping both out in sweeping advances. The Keeper arrived in our backfield with some Daemonettes and Seekers dropped near the Warriors hiding behind the Monolith but scattered away a bit. My ASM took some rapid-firing gauss but only lost a few.

Next turn we dropped the Monolith with the Stormravens. We put two wounds on the Keeper with shooting. My ASM charged a Warrior Squad, wiping them out with the Lord. The Blood Angels ASM had disembarked but couldn’t charge the Seekers due to shooting casualty removal. The Death Company Dread charged the Daemonettes in our zone and tied them up.

At that point we had a strong lead. Necrons only had 10 Warriors left hunkered in a bunker and the Daemons came in piece-meal as they do and were dealt with on arrival, mostly anyway. The Keeper rampaged my Dev Squad and then my objective Tact Combat Squad. I later threw ASM at him and the other Tact Combat Squad. It was last turn and they couldn’t win so we were all goofing off a bit. The Keeper ran off the ASM and destroyed the last of the Tacts except the Sarge. He would have killed him but he used hit & run to play with the Death Company Dread which was immobilized from an earlier combat. The Keeper blew up the Dreadnought.

At the end we had three objectives, maybe four. It was a brutal game. The Daemon and Necron pairing wasn’t ideal. I think it could have been mitigated a bit had they opted to go first but they gave it to us. In giving it to us I was able to get that first turn charge and hammer the Necrons with ease. Had they taken first turn then at least some Daemons could have come down to head us off or play defense for the Necrons. Without someone backing Necrons against an assault force it’s just ugly.

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