What should I do?

The local guys are throwing a semi big one day fluff tournament. Painting scores and fluff are big. So I will be bringing my Mek Ork list. This has the best paint and the most conversion work out of any of my armies. I will put some photos up in the next week. This is the list.

Big Mek with KFF

3 Killa Kanz w/Grotzookaz
3 Killa Kanz w/ Flamer and 2 Big Shootas
1 Deff Dread w/ Flamer
1 Deff Dread w/ Big Shoota
10 man Nob Squad
worlds tallest Battle Wagon w/ deffrolla
10 boyz in a trukk x2
25 shoota boyz

My problem is the second HQ. I want to take Ghaz but I have a beautiful boss on a bike that fits the list and theme so much better. However Ghaz is such a force multiplier beatstick uber kill machine and the list is kind of weak by todays standards anyways. That I may need Ghaz to be semi competitive.

So what should I do? I feel like a teenage girl with to many choices for the prom.

  • Anonymous

    Ghaz doesn’t fit the list at all.

  • Yeah, Ghaz doesn’t fit in there. It’s a Mek themed list, which I see as more Bad Moons or maybe Deathskulls, where Ghaz fits a foot-slogger theme like Goffs.

    From a list stand-point, the biker Boss doesn’t really fit either. I know you’ve done it before but you’re left sticking him with dudes on foot or riding solo, not ideal. If you want to keep the theme then I’d do one of two things. Either grab another Big Mek for a 2nd KFF, two is better than one!, or put in some Lootas. Even taking some Kannons or Koptas would be a better fit IMHO. Of course I have no idea if that works for you based on what you own and/or what’s painted.

  • Anonymous

    You might also consider Burna Boyz, as they also fit the Mekboy theme. Maybe some Buggies?
    Ghaz won’t even be that much of a booster to the army, and will cost you composition points.

  • I think Ghaz fits well enough fluff wise.  Keep in mind that Ghaz’s success is greatly supported by Orkimedies, and Goffs do love the kanz and dredds, so this type of mech list makes sense.  Play wise you’re not getting the advantage of his waagh with your walkers, and your trukkers/nobz don’t need it as much as an all-sloggers list.  For the same price you could put down a moderate warboss to ride with someone and still have points for buggies/lootas/koptas.

    If you’ve got the models you could put the nobz on bikes and use the biker boss. 

    • Anonymous

      True in the second invasion. Now I kinda wish I had Grot Snick painted and I would run the two of them 

  • Da Masta Cheef

    I use a big mek on a bike that rides back & forth fixin’ stuff all game, might that work for our boss?

  • bkbutlerme

    Yeah, start over.  Nobody likes ghaz, especially in a tournament. 

  • Anonymous

    So I have done some reworking here. Drop Ghaz add Big Mek 2 Kanz. and 10 Grotz. 

    Although when I envision this list I really think mad max. So maybe the mek   on a bike and one less Kan.

    I have buggies but they are in pretty ruff shape and I have a couple hours of just repairs and touch ups. 

    Burna Boyz are out as I only have 2 out of 10 painted. 

    I could do the biker nobz and boss on warbike but I would have to drop a Dread or a set of kanz to run them. 

    I  do ok with the solo boss because I know he can be a real push over. He does well end game or as a sacrificial piece 

    So what you guys think of the 2 kanz and big mek. Will that still be beyond thunderdome enough?

    • I’d go with the Big Mek and Kanz. It fits right in with what you have, gives you more options for tactical approach since more than 1 KFF means you can spread out more, and more Kanz are just killy.

      • Anonymous

        i go have a pretty sweet confederate bigmek

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