Tau: Why Did You Lie to Me?

Tau - EtherealLook an Ethereal is here on earth. She has poor vision, painted white and old.



Here is another photo of her. This is the look she gives you when you tell her “I’m a team player”

Tau - Ethereal

Fresh from her trip to meet with a Kroot ambassador.

Tau - Ethereal

These are the dice she plays 40k with.

Well this is as real as any of the rumors Ghost 21 has been spewing out of his vile trap.

See there is something about being a Tau player. I am just bitter on the inside. I know its not just me. All Tau players are jaded. Screaming “why do I even play this god forsaken game” as I watch my worthless troop units die. As I flip threw a codex that has been arranged and written by an autistic two year old. Whats the deal with marker lights no one really understands how they work and this book came out March 2006.

So thanks ton Ghost 21 for salt in wound so you could feel cool, needed and liked. You dirt bag.

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