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Battle Report: Team Game with Chaos

Wednesday night at my FLGS I played a team game. January’s tournament will be a team game with 1,250 per-player and random pairings. The force org is restricted to avoid breaking it and make pairings easier. It’s 1 HQ, 0-1 elite, 1-3 troops, 0-1 fast attack and 0-1 heavy and…Read More

Year in Review on the Gaming Front

I thought it would be interesting, to me if nobody else, to make use of all the match data that I keep. I’ve played for just over five years now and have recorded every game. So, let’s see how I’ve progressed, or digressed as the case may be, over those…Read More

Fund Raiser: Polar Bear Plunge for a Great Cause

A fellow 40K player at the LGS is doing a fund raiser for a great cause. I wanted to pass this along and help him and the cause out. As some of you know, I’ve both worked and volunteered at a place called Camp Sunshine which is a retreat for…Read More

Battle Report: Planetstrike – The Forgotten Expansion

I recall when Planetstrike was due out how excited I was to try it. That was just about three years ago and I had only played it twice despite owning the book. Last night though at my FLGS almost everyone decided to play Planetstrike. I teamed up with a Space…Read More