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Rok Da Vote

Polls put out there to the community about all sorts of different topics.

Black Legion

Rok Da Vote: Chaos Marines Supplements (Closed)

With the voting trailing off in activity it’s time to tally results Black Legion First up is what you all thought of the Black Legion supplement. The results were: The most votes went to “It’s alright” with 39% of the votes and was followed by “It’s a solid addition” at…Read More

Crimson Slaughter Codex

Rok Da Vote: Crimson Slaughter Supplement (Voting Fixed)

The latest supplement for Chaos Space Marines is out, Crimson Slaughter. I’m curious what you all think of it? I’ll save my opinions for now, though I have an article coming out tomorrow with my opinions. Regarding the Rok Da Vote stuff, these polls. I haven’t done one for four…Read More

Iyanden Supplement

Rok Da Vote: Craftworld Iyanden Supplement (Closed)

Not many votes on this poll and it stagnated out a while ago so time to close it, tally the results and move on to the next poll. The results: Not much of a need to break this down, the results are right there. In general though, 45% give a…Read More

Iyanden Supplement

Rok Da Vote: Iyanden Supplement

I really should have started on these supplements a while ago but considering the lag-time between digital and printed copies, I suppose I’m not too far behind. Simple enough question, what do you think of the Iyanden supplement? I’ll be honest, I know nothing about it. When Eldar released we…Read More

Space Marines

Rok Da Vote: Space Marines 6th Edition Codex (Closed)

The poll has run for about 3-weeks now and the votes have almost come to a stop. I honestly expected way more voting, like on the level I saw with the Tau codex, but what can you do? So, the results for the poll are as follows. Not surprisingly the…Read More