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A place to display army specific lists we’re taking and discuss them.


Disciples of Twilight: 1,000pt 40K Tournament List

I’m getting ready to head out to a 1,000pt 40K tournament at my LGS this morning and thought I would share the list I’m trying out. I don’t normally post my lists, though I do occasionally in my Battle Reviews, but I’m pretty excited to try this out so why…Read More


Scouts Complete and 1K White Scars List

Two posts in two weeks! Is hell freezing over…it sure looks like it outside. I was able to plug through my 10 man White Scars scout squad. I don’t know how well these guys will play out especially with the mixed weapon load out. They were pieced together from bitz…Read More


Fratris Salutem 2014: Let the Planning Begin

I won’t be play testing lists just yet seeing as the event is six months out but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to enjoying creating lists. It’s an addiction of mine. I write so many lists just for the sake of writing lists. I can’t stop myself. So…Read More

Disciples of Twilight Paint Scheme

Standish Standoff 3: Disciples of Twilight List

I began planning for the Standoff during the summer. In previous years I was pretty restricted by what I owned. My army was still somewhat small and I did not have a lot of choices. My lists were almost planned for me as a result and they weren’t all that…Read More


Finalizing a Standoff List with the Rebel Grots

Hello all, With about a month left before the Standish Standoff I’m feeling the crunch to get my army sorted out.  It doesn’t help that I’ve got two trips scheduled between now and then.  I’ve got about three weeks of effective time left!  I’ll also need to submit my list…Read More

Disciples of Twilight Game

Standish Standoff: My Final List

I have gone through a lot of lists getting ready for the Standish Standoff this November at my FLGS. My biggest problem has ultimately been that I like making lists. Making lists is just part of the hobby for me. Every week I play 40K I play a different list….Read More