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The Battle for Mirum Ostentum: Campaign Report – Part #3

    The post relates to the ongoing narrative campaign that is being run by my gaming group. All the missions used for the first phase use fixed forces and have clearly defined objectives. As we have six members two of us tested the missions before those whom had not seen the missions prior to them being played took control of the forces.

    You can find part 1 here

    Part 2 Here

    Mission – Steal the Codes

    In this mission the Alpha legion are trying to steal the control codes for the macro cannon battery so they can capture and then turn it on the imperial fleet during the battlefleet gothic game.

    Stealth Codes
    Deployment map. Red is the alpha legion deployment zone and green is the mechanicum deployment zone. The green diamond is the objective.



    Alpha legion

    • Moritat (volkite serpenta, the drakiana, refractor field, Artificer armour, meltabombs, power dagger.)
    • Veteran tactical squad (10 men, 2 Meltaguns, sergeant has artificer armour, power sword, power dagger and meltabombs, Unit has the marksmen specialisation.)
    • Veteran tactical squad (10 men, 2 Meltaguns, sergeant has artificer armour, power sword, power dagger and meltabombs, Unit has the marksmen specialisation.)
    • Contemptor dreadnought (twin linked lascannon, dreadnought close combat weapon with inbuilt meltagun.)
    • Deredeo with autocannon battery and heavy bolters
    • Tactical support squad (7 men with plasma guns, sergeant has artificer armour, melta bombs and power dagger)


    • 10 adseculkaris (carapace armour, induction chargers)
    • 10 adseculkaris (carapace armour, induction chargers)
    • Domitar (paragon of metal)
    • 3 mrymidon secutors (each has 2 phased plasma fusils)
    • 3 Vorax
    • 2 Castellax (1 multi melta, 1 Mauler bolt cannon)
    • Magos auxhilla Niil (servo arm, power axe) 4 servo automata with servo arms.

    All automata count as being within cortex controller range. We treated the whole base as a cortex controller for this purpose.

    In this mission the alpha legion need to reach the control console within 10 turns. If they can do this they can retrieve the control codes for the macro cannon battery.

    All doors are AV13 1HP and the alpha legion players gets  pre-emptive meltabomb strike on them on a roll of 4+ (on the doors closest to their deployment zone). The mechanicum player controls the remaining doors and can open/close them at will. Otherwise standard zone mortalis rules apply.

    Victory for the imperials grant them +1 stockpile while victory for the alpha legion grants +1 chaos and allow them to capture and fire the macro cannon in an upcoming mission.

    Story excerpt

    30 hours until Chaos fleet arrives. Storage bunker theta sixteen

    Magos auxhilla Niil had now found the correct console and had proceeded to start the process of uploading the macro cannon control codes to the forces stationed at the location. He had been delayed due to the damage caused at the main communications relay. The connection was still painfully slow despite the efforts of his servo automata.

    A large explosion rocked the facility and in response, he brought the internal defences online. Magos Driels, myrmidon aids powered up their plasma fusils and axes as Vorax, Castellax and a Domitar powered up. A mental push sent the tech thralls shuffling forwards to block the access routes with bodies.

    The Game



    Story Excerpt

    As the contemptor rounded the corner and advanced on him Niil stared it down. It had suffered from the fights with the battle automata and its armour had all but failed in a few places. Fire from phased plasma fusils interrupted the silence as the dreadnought barrelled into him. Drawing his servo automata forwards he stood as the machine charged. With a massive sweep of its claw the dreadnought took down the servo automata which gave Niil the opening he needed to disable the machine with a well-placed blow to a weakened section of its armour. This ruptured something within the dreadnought forcing Niil to hold his hand up to shield his optics as it detonated, the explosion rippling over him but doing no harm thanks to his armour.

    Lumbering round the corner the Myrmidons axes now slick with the blood of the Alpha legion moritat traded fire with an Alpha legion plasma tactical support squad as Niil with the code transmission finished disabled the control console. Running, he dived into cover near to the Myrmidons.

    Looking back Niil noticed that an enemy Derdeo had moved into the tunnel. Tapping the closest myrmidon he indicated that they should leave. The myrmidon shook its head and started to fire. Niil ran as the fusillade from the Deredeo tore the mrymidons apart.


    Sargeant Osul walked forwards the deredeo following closely behind. Lowering his plasma gun he looked at the console.

    “Anything?” The Derdeo asked.

    “Negative The transmission has been made and this console has been cleaned. We can’t fire the Macro cannon now.” Osul sighed. “All troops gather the dead we are leaving.”


    This ends the third part of my campaign report. During the steal the codes mission the Alpha Legion got bogged down and then the outcome came from the confrontation between Niil and the contemptor dreadnought. The machine hit and wounded with all four of its attacks (3+1 for charging) and then the mechanicum player rolled four 4+’s for look out sir in a row to keep Niil alive he then hit once, rolled a six for amour pen, the contemptor failed its invulnerable save before it detonated.

    Victory here for the Imperium granted them not only another point of Stockpile bring their total to 5. Chaos remains at 3 points and the macro cannon defence mission had its objectives changed by this outcome meaning that the alpha legion were now required to destroy it rather than attempt to capture it.


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    7 years ago

    That was good fun and clever play on both sides. Looking forwaed to the next one.

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    7 years ago
    Reply to  Rory

    Glad you are enjoying these. (so far all players have enjoyed the missions.)

    7 years ago

    I’ve always enjoyed tight quarters fights in 40K. They tend to make for some pretty epic games.

    Bad luck with the Contemptor. It does make for a good story though!

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    7 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    It was very cinematic (that was the term we used for it at the time.) as the contemptor had suffered two hull points of damage from its battles with the automata. [1 Castellax, 1 domitar, 2 vorax]
    The result was down to the last dice roll which made everyone stop and pay attention.

    7 years ago

    That’s the best, when an entire game comes down to a single dice roll.