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Hobby articles mostly for Warhammer 40K. Lots of work in progress stuff, completed models (when we think of it), and even some tips and tutorials.

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Lord on Bike (WIP)

You can never have too many HQ options so I’m building a Chaos Lord on a bike for my Chaos Space Marines. Some of you will recognize this as Soulgore, my juggernaut Lord. He’s magnetized at the waist for storage, and for projects like this, so instead of building a…Read More

Thor’s Showcase: Maulerfiend & Forgefiend

I had completed the Maulerfiend a few months ago now but finally got around to getting the Forgefiend parts painted. Now that both versions are done (it’s magnetized), I figured I’d get some shots. You’ll have to pardon the flash. I couldn’t get lighting to work at all and the…Read More

Thor’s Showcase: Maelstrom of War Objective Markers

I’ve really been enjoying the Maelstrom of War missions and have been meaning to make some objective markers for the missions. So far I have used the objectives I have and turning them over and writing numbers on it with a dry-erase marker. It works but isn’t ideal. I finally…Read More

Multimeltas and other details for scratch built Leman Russ

Hello all, Last week I added heavy bolters to my first Leman Russ.  This week I made up some multi meltas to go with the hull mounted lascannon on my second Leman Russ.  I started with two pieces of tube and wrapped paper around one end of each to create…Read More