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The Battle for Mirum Ostentum #16 – Attack on Altum #2

    The story so far Chaos 10 victory points, imperium 5 victory points.

    Carrying on from the previous coverage of the apocalypse game we now have the outer wall destroyed completely, a flying circus above the chaos deployment zone and a load of chaos terminators amidst the imperial lines.

    Chaos Turn 3



    Imperial turn 3


    Chaos Turn 4


    Imperial Turn 4

    At this stage, we had a little chat and decided that the imperium would pull back from this field as the city was all but lost. They could leave via any table edge that is within the city walls. Vehicles and characters regain 1 wound. (Eternal warrior characters are returned to full wounds if they have survived and escaped) Super heavy vehicles get 1 HP back for every three they started with (representing emergency repairs undertaken by the mechanicum.)

    These escaped units can be used in the extraction mission. Unused stratagems are also retained but no further stratagems are generated. (So the emperors children still have flank march for instance as it was not used.)


    Chaos turn 5

    (The focus was on moving units that could get into close combat.)


    Imperial turn 5


    Chaos Turn 6


    Imperial Turn 6


    Chaos turn 7


    Imperial turn 7


    Final table flyover


    Story excerpt

    Cavros Thawne knew the city was now lost. The aquila lander had arrived to ferry him clear of the site and he had given the fall-back order. The forces of chaos had conducted a devastating blitzkrieg attack on the sector and with a breach now present more of the vile creatures were now pouring into the city.

    Sporadic fire buffets the aircraft as it leaves the area. “Sir, we are being rerouted to the excavation site. Magos Driel has deployed his ordinatus and Warhound to provide cover for the retreating forces. Local PDF are refusing to retreat. ”

    “Any signs of pursuit.”


    “And the inquisitor”

    “No word”

    “Proceed with all haste we need to reach the site and set up the defences before they do pursue us.”


    The changeling led his retinue from the structure. He shrugged off the visage of the inquisitor as Susurri walks into view.

    “You did well daemon.” Susurri rasps.

    “why thank you” The changeling replies. A shadow falls over him and he looks up at Lord Vulcan Bloodfang. Morrs penna stood on the top of the building he had just exited from while Solomon gyre was leaning against the wall.

    “Where have they gone?” Vulcan asks.

    “The evacuation site.” The changeling replies.

    Vulcan taps the fingers of his lightning claw against the blade of his manreaper as he digests this news. “They will attempt to break through our fleet in orbit to get into range for their attempts. We will remove their hope and kill them all.” He then turns to the alpha legionnaire. “where is this site?”

    “Seventy miles north of this location. A high gain orbital relay is situated within the mountains. The evacuation site will be there.” Susurri rasps. “Beyond our orbital scans the area is unmapped.”

    “All forces” Vulcan states activating his vox. “We march north”


    Victory points:

    Chaos total 31 victory points

    Imperial total 11 victory points

    With this result the forces of chaos have won the campaign. We move now into the endgame/epilogue missions. For this portion we have four linked missions. We have a flyer based mission that will determine which fliers can be used in the final game and which turn they will arrive on. A kill team mission to retrieve a prisoner and game of a battlefleet gothic. These all link into a final last stand apocalypse game where we will see just what the imperium can retrieve from the planet.

    Campaign Statistics

    Dead models:

    Imperial: 373 Chaos: 251

    This brings the total death tolls so far in the campaign to 1156 for the imperium and 844 for chaos. Giving us a total of 2000 dead models.

    On average (we have played 16 missions) 125 models have died in each mission. This translates to 52.75 (chaos) and 72.25 (imperial) casualties per mission

    The kill ratio is 13/7

    So, for every 13 models chaos kill they lose 7, or for the imperium for every 7 models they kill they lose 13.




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    6 years ago

    Nice work. Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but I like the storyline that’s accompanying this. It’s my favorite part of campaigns, creating an actual story.

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    6 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Thanks Thor. I have only been adding in excerpts from the story. (Our gaming group has pooled together to write up the missions and with key points from our games being represented in the story) At the last count the story (in a word document) is 60 pages long and contains 29377 words!

    6 years ago

    Jesus, man. You guys are all-in with games and story.

    Rory (Stepping Between Games)

    Just an epic report, with a slew of pictures!

    Like Thor I am a fan of the story components as well.

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    6 years ago

    Thanks Rory.
    My philosophy was photograph everything that happens that way I can normally find a picture to show what has occurred. (And my camera can take 9000+ pictures on its highest setting before the SD card is full so that helps.)
    While chaos has won the planet the story will continue for a few more missions. (We have a kill team mission [played], a flier only game [played], a 4000pts a side battlefleet gothic game [next to be played] and a final extraction apocalypse mission (featuring everything that has yet to be destroyed or killed. so titans (imperial warhound, chaos reaver) an ordinatus ulator, 4 chaos baneblades amoungst other things.))