First run with Orks in 6th ed.

First run with Orks in 6th Edition

Hello all,

It was a busy week and I’ve only managed to finish one more of the lootas.  I’ll hold off on pictures until I finish the tenth and (for now) final member of the mob.  I did manage to get in my first game with the Orks since the start of 6th edition so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and what I’ve learned.

I played against a friend of mine who runs Tyranids, and this was his first game in 6th edition.  We decided to run 1500 points because it’s big enough to fit some variety into a list but should be small enough for a quick game.  He brought something along these lines:

Hive Tyrant with Lash Whips and Bone Swords +1 psychic power

Tervigon with toxin sacks

8 Ymgarl Genestealers

3 Hive Guard

2 Venomthropes

Tervigon with toxin sacks

10 termagaunts

20 termagaunts with devourer

20 hormagaunts

5 Raveners

I dropped a few units from my Standish Standoff list to field the following:

Warboss with Mega, Bosspole, Attack Squig, Cybork

Big Mek with KFF, Cybork

10 lootas

7 cybork nobs – Painboy, 1 PK, Banner, Battlewagon w/deffrolla, kannon

12 sluggas in trukk, nob with PK and bosspole

11 sluggas in trukk, nob with ‘uge choppa and bosspole

30 shoota boys, 3 BS, Nob with klaw and bosspole

10 grots plus runtherd


3 kannons with 6 extra krew

We rolled The Scouring with Hammer and Anvil deployment.  I don’t remember his Warlord trait because like mine, it had no impact on the game.  Similarly none of the mysterious objectives had any impact.  I won’t go into much of a batrep as we only made it through two and a half turns before calling it on account of time.  At that point he was holding more objectives than I but had lost his HQ Tervigon and was about to lose his Tyrant, leaving him with one synapse creature on his own board edge.  The rest of his army was starting to fall apart while I still had most of mine up and running.  Not enough to guarantee I would win but over another two turns I had the upper hand.  This is a frequent failing of mine in tournament games.  It doesn’t matter what you could have done in another turn or two if you don’t have time to play them.

So, on to what I learned:

Night fighting was a pain in the ass.  I had first turn, and there was first turn Night Fighting.  Although I poured fire into his army, his Venomthropes plus Night Fight meant everything had a 4+ or 3+ cover save and it did him a hell of a lot of good.  Granted, I had the same benefit from my KFF so had I been facing a shooty army I would have been much happier about this.  His only shooting that had range enough to matter was the Hive Guard and they’re ignoring this anyway.  I rolled for choice and took first turn.  In retrospect I should have let him go first to walk into my shooting range.  I’m capable of making such a decision with my Space Wolves but I seem to have difficulty doing so with the orks.

Hull points had no effect on this game.  One trukk and the battlewagon were penned to death.  I expect this will usually be the case for the orks.  Through fifth if I wasn’t out of the trukk by turn two or way out on a flank, I was blown out of the trukk.  When you’re armor 10 and open topped you survive fire by not taking any and that’s pretty much it.  The battlewagon was able to deliver my nobs into combat before it went down, and the surviving truck dropped the warboss into his flank.  I don’t think trukks have become any less effective in 6th, but they are still paper thin and the 12-model mobs still have low staying power.  The boomwagon was the same in this battle as in pretty much every other battle I’ve used them in.  It only takes one good round to earn back its points and if it gets blown up sooner it has probably saved a trukk in the process.

Feel no pain was much better for the Nobs.  I threw them into his MCs and a 5+ save that I can take is much better than a 4+ that I can’t take.  This plus the 5++ from cybork meant that even against a Tervigon and Tyrant at the same time I only lost two wounds in their worst round of combat.  And the new rules for allocation means no more than one model can be subject to testing for instant death from the bonesword.

Gaunts and Hormagaunts are much harder to clean up in HTH without No Retreat! Wounds.  I hit his Hormagaunt squad with my warboss and a mob of trukk boyz and although I killed all but three in the initial round, those fearless three kept me stuck there in the last turn.  This wasn’t such a bad thing as I would have cleaned those three up in his turn and not been subject to his shooting phase, but it did highlight how easily you could become bogged down by enough of these little guys.  Gone are the days of multi-assaulting into Tyranids and sweeping all before you.  This is a huge boost for the Tyranid army as it makes that sea of gaunts an asset rather than a liability to the big bugs.

The full-sized shoota boy mob did a good job of holding their ground, but not any more effectively than when I used them in the past.  They were still a bit unwieldy and now that casualties are removed from the front they can be pushed back through casualty.  Overwatch makes them more dangerous to assault into and the removal of No Retreat! Wounds should mean they’ll be better at tar-pitting and whittling down the elite units but I didn’t have the opportunity to see these in action.

This was my first game with the lootas and they are pretty much what I expected.  Decent strength weapons with a high rate of fire go a long way to overcome their Orky BS.  The first turn night fight seriously blunted their first volley of fire but after that they delivered upon their reputation.  The kannons were worth the points if only because they were cheap.  In the first round they were shrugged off by inflated cover saves.  Second round they managed to kill a few hormagaunts, then they were charged by the Ymgarls who were hiding in the same building.  As it was the grots managed to overwatch down one of the Ymgarls on the way in then managed to kill a second in hth but were ultimately wiped out after that.  If I had been thinking more strategically I might have put the grot unit in the same building to flood out the possibility of Ymgarls showing up there.  That would probably have pushed them into the building with the lootas, and that would have been a lot more overwatch for them to suck up.

Overall the orks felt only subtly different.  Obviously, I will need a number of games to really get the feel for them under the new edition but I think for the most part they’ll play a lot like they have in the past.  What are your thoughts?



  • Watching time is often my downfall. Planning ahead 2 more turns does you no good when you don’t get them. You almost have to play each turn like it’s the last.

    • Agreed. And as I move to a larger horde element I have to get good at moving them quickly too!

      • JustHippie

        Pre measuring makes it even harder since I just have to measure every enemy charge range, shooting range, etc. If I move unit A here than unit B can’t move there. Gunlines must be easy just sit tight and shoot but I still prefer assaulting. LOL

        • I know what you mean. Being able to check range should make the decisions easier but it also brings more of the options to light.

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