Flash Gitz in 6th, are they any good yet?

Flash Gitz: gunz blazinHello all,

As I map out my switch back to the orks I find myself thinking about one of the more maligned units in the codex – Flash Gitz.  I like the idea of armored, heavily armed freebooters.  The modelling opportunities alone almost make them worth fielding.  However they’ve largely been branded as a non-competitive choice.  With the change to 6th edition I think they warrant at least a moment of consideration.

In addition to the core rule changes, Flash Gitz have been amended for 6th edition.  They come standard with Gitfindas which used to allow them to per-measure range for shooting.  Now that everyone can do this it’s a pretty useless ability and rather than let that happen (as they often do) GW fixed it.  Now they allow the Flash Gitz to ignore cover saves!  Given that their guns have a 50% chance of ignoring marine armor, taking away that cover save as well really helps the Gitz do what they do.  Is that enough?  let’s see…

Flash Git Pros

Flash Gitz are basically shooty nobz in ‘eavy armor.  They have nob stats, and their base cost is the same as nobz in ‘eavy armor.  They come with snazzguns: a 24″ range, strength 5, assault 1 weapon with d6 AP.  As I mentioned before, that d6 AP means you have a 50% chance of ignoring marine armor, a 33% chance against terminator armor.  There three upgrades available, in any combination, for 5 points each.  More Dakka upgrades the snazzguns to assault 2, doubling the firepower of the unit.  Shootier upgrades them to strength 6.  Blasta reduces their AP by 1 so that they have a 50% chance or ignoring terminator armor and 66% change vs. marine armor, but it also makes them get hot.

With two wounds each and 4+ armor, Flash Gitz have decent durability.  It’s also possible to upgrade one to a Painboy, giving the unit Feel No Pain and the option for a 5++.  They are comparable to Nobz in base durability.

One Flash Gitz mob can be led by Kaptain Badrukk.  He’s a bit pricy but comes with 3+ armor, a str7 AP2 Assault 3 gun, and stats just shy of a warboss.

Flash Gitz Cons

Flash Gitz have fewer options than nobz, other than the painboy (if you take one) all of them have to be armed the same.  While their nob stats mean they’re decent in close combat they don’t have the options for a klaw or ‘uge choppa to help them there.  They also have no dedicated transport.  If you want them to ride they’ll have to steal it from someone else or take up an extra heavy slot.

Flash Gitz are not characters, as Nobz Mobs are currently classified, so they can’t play the “look out sir” game to spread wounds.

Finally, they count as Heavy Support and have to compete with some other tempting options.  Unlike nobz, there’s no way to move them into another slot.


In 5th edition I played a number of games with a mob of 5 Flash Gitz with more dakka and shootier and I always felt they were worth the 175 point investment in a hybrid or foot slogging list.  They’ve done well against AV1, MEQ, and monstrous creatures.  They do well in close combat against non-dedicated assault units.  Though I haven’t had a chance to try them in 6th yet, I expect they’ll do even better now that they ignore cover and vehicles can be glanced to death.  I usually use them in combination with a large mob of boyz to offer mutual protection.

A larger mob brings more shots and durability, but they get pricy quick.  In a small mob I’m loathe to give up the shots to add a painboy, but he’s more likely to be worth taking in a large mob.  Adding Badrukk adds to their shooting and improves their close combat potential but again, the unit can get pricy quick with a full unit plus Baddrukk coming in around 500 points.  For that you would usually expect a deathstar unit but these guys don’t really fit the bill.

In a hybrid or foot list I think a small unit of these could fit in well.  As the unit gets larger and/or you want them in a transport it will become more difficult to make the investment pay out.  You could build a fun themed list around them but I think they’ll still be rare in the competitive scene.

What are your thoughts on Flash Gitz?

  • James Barr

    I would love to run some, but the downsides for me are wanting a ride and leadership. It’s a very pricy unit to risk losing from a bad assault round. Could use a warboss babysitter, but even pricier then.

    • It is unfortunate that you can’t take a bosspole without taking Badrukk or attaching an IC, and more unfortunate that they don’t get their own ride. This keeps them from being an easy fit into many lists and it a big part of why they’re such a niche unit.

  • stealthystealth

    I think Flash Gitz are undervalued. I used them with success in 5th the same way you did 5 guys. I took a painboy cybork the assault 2 upgrade and as many ammo runts as possible. Kaptain Badruck is a champ. You are adding a warboss to your list. Lead 9 or 10 3 ammo runts tuff 5 I think and a 3 up save. He and the painboy are characters so you can play wound games with them.

    Doesn’t really matter what I love about this squad is they are ignored until you drop a die and say I am now going to shoot you with 13 ap 3 shots and I will reroll all misses. You do that once and suddenly the other player changes gears and goes after them. Which is fine because they are actually hard to kill with the Kaptain at the helm.

    Then the modeling part is awesome all of mine are 1st/2nd ed out of production models done up with a big scratch built gun. I really enjoyed painting them and making them.

    You should play them for sure.

    • In fifth I had really good luck with them as a 5-7 man squad with dakka and shooty. Even without Badrukk and a painboy they did well in close combat, though obviously not as well as a nobz mob of similar cost.
      I only tried Badrukk once but it was against a very inexperienced player so it’s hard to make a call on the army itself. I do think he’d be a fun counts-as to build.
      As I get a little more experience in sixth I’m sure I’ll try them out again. Being able to ignore cover means you can have them sit behind another unit for protection but still make use of their low AP.

  • With 6th being more shooting oriented and there being more units on foot that Flash Gitz are a more appealing choice than they were. As you said regarding the ride and a babysitter almost being a requirement, they aren’t a go-to choice but I think they’re far more viable than before. Most people would think twice before charging a unit with good odds of getting a shot or two through that may ignore armor.

    • I agree. I think it’s the new gitfinda rules, combined with changes in the core dynamic, that bump this unit into the viable range. Ignoring cover means they’ll always get the benefit of their AP (assuming they’ve rolled low enough to matter) so they’re more reliable now. It also means they’re more effective against stealth based units and they effectively ignore night fight (their max range of 24″ makes the 36″ cap moot.) Further, they can take cover behind a friendly unit without giving cover to their target.

      • Also, Jink saves are cover saves. This gives the Flash Gitz a boost against skimmers and bikes as well.

  • SnakeChisler

    Always had them in my army due to the modelling, just love the customized Nobs with big guns and built in lots of character to each one. Surprisingly enough in 5th they were absolute game changers always had more Dakka & Shootier, the look on the the opponents faces when you roll low for AP is priceless. With a bit of luck a 5 man squad can put a real dent into a range of stuff and with ignores cover there even more deadly.

    • I played a few games with them in 5th, usually 5 with More Dakka & Shootier, and also did well. They were great against MEQ squads and bikers. They were also reasonably effective against rhinos and even dreadnoughts. I never quite got around to modelling them though. I ran mostly Speed Freeks with two Boomwagons so I couldn’t afford the HQ slot for Gitz in a Wagon. If they could take a dedicated transport I would probably have used them more often.

      I recently built a mob of Lootas and included some “Grot Bots” that could pass as either Lootas or Flash Gitz so I only really need one more to field a mob of 5.

  • As orks generally lack shootiness I think they are a good unit, but again, you pay for it. But since the bulk of your army is cheap (6 point boyz) that’s probably not a problem. Depends on how much you like them and want to dedicate to them. I would definitely have to upgrade for the assault 2, cuz one shot a piece is probably not worth while. And if you really like them Badruck is a cool character. That’s one feature i really like about the ork army is you can upgrade to various unique characters without having to spend an HQ slot. Yes, I think an ork army would do well with them, you just have to budget them in. and your tactic of pairing them with a mob of boyz sounds like a great way to keep them alive and plugging.

    • Badrukk is pretty cool but he’s a pricy upgrade for a pricy unit. As you said there’s plenty of cheap units to fill in a good army around them if you budget properly. It’s just not a unit you can slap into an existing army unless you keep the unit small.

      I’ve been meaning to build a unit forever I just haven’t gotten around to it.

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