Gaming & Hobby Stagnation

DepressedMan, I’ve been in a funk lately with the hobby and gaming. I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. I’ve been going strong with 40K for 7-years now and for some reason or another I’ve just been very “meh” about stuff. It’s not disinterest in the game, I’m still playing weekly and enjoying it, but I think it’s just a culmination of a few things.

Right now I’m elbow deep (I have another metaphor I prefer but we’ll keep it PG), in getting the spring event for my FLGS ready. Last week I finally nailed down the final mission. Well, by nail down I more mean was finally struck by an idea and put it to paper; which was more than I had prior. There’s still some mission tweaking to do but that element is mostly taken care of.

Along with the event comes the hobby work that needs doing. We’ve been spending every other week at the FLGS getting terrain repaired and tables ready. For us judges we also have awards to get ready for the event. I created a master that is being cast and once those are cast I need to get them painted. We also have painting awards that I’m helping to get done.

Now, the thing with this event is I think it’s a cool idea but it’s just not selling very well. We were doing OK with it and then the date had to get moved. A handful of regulars had to return their ticket because of a conflict with the new date. So, we lost a few, gained a few but I think we’re still down from where we were. It’s pretty disheartening to be putting in so much work into something that just doesn’t seem to be gaining traction. My hope is that we get a reasonable attendance, doubt it will sell out, but that those who attend have such a kick-ass time that the word spreads and next year sells out. Basically, I’m hoping we lay the ground work for next year if nothing else.

So, there’s that. There’s also my never-ending issues with my Chaos army. I’m having more ups and downs with this army than a prostitute on a busy street corner. I’m not going to piss and moan about it but suffice to say that when I think I’ve got things figured out, I find I don’t. When I do poorly with an army I  tend to lose focus on the hobby elements for that army.

Lastly, there’s some personal stuff with life that isn’t helping motivation either. So, when you throw all that together it hasn’t put me in a very creative mood for the hobby I love. Things will clear up in time and I’ll be back to normal but I figured I owed my regular readers a bit of an explanation as to why you’ve seen very little of me lately.

  • Its one of those things that happens, I have gone through many highs and lows with my hobby, you can do a good job of mapping them out by when I barely post on my blog.

    I am just on the way out of a low point at the moment and beginning to ramp up my gaming and posting.

    Hang in there I am sure that you will get your mojo back, and probably from something that you least expect to!

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, I know it will pass but it sure sucks in the meantime. I figure once the tournament plans are settled and I can relax then things will turn around.

  • JustHippie

    All the legwork is a PITA for sure but on the day of the event watching all the participants having a blast makes it all worth while. Then at the end of the day seeing folks beaming over their shiny awards is just icing on the cake.
    When this is done you’ll be recharged and excited about the Standoff in November. Then you’ll start to see some progress on your army.

    • I am looking forward to the event and seeing what everything thinks of it for sure. It will be rewarding but it’s all that work that goes into getting there, ug.

      I do plan to run my army the way I want it for November which means a fair amount of painting. Right now that doesn’t seem possible but it’s still far off and motivation will change before long.

  • I can definitely understand the gaming funk, I go through them from time to time as well. I think most people do.

    I am pretty bummed to be one of the people who had to return a ticket. I was really looking forward to this event. In fact, returning my ticket has driven me into a mini-funk as well because I was using the deadline as a motivation.

    I hope the event goes well. Those who do go are sure to have a good time and the swag alone is well worth the cost of entry!

    • Understandable. I know I’d be upset if I had big plans for one of these and it all changed.

  • Been going through it too, as you’ll notice from the lack of updates on Wargaming Tradecraft… starting to get back into the swing though.. hoping the weather helps to rejuvenate, and I’m trying to make myself write again to get the creative juices flowing. Wargaming again too, which also helps… and forcing myself to not video game quite so much, even if it’s hyper-social too.

    Feels good to be writing again.. hoping it translates to painting.

    • Video gaming is not doing me any favors either. Once the shiny hooks of newness relinquishes it will definitely help me make some progress with the hobby. Generally I don’t do a ton of hobby blogging but I find it’s the core of my motivation regardless. If I’m not hobby motivated then I’m not motivated to write articles, even though they aren’t often about the hobby.

      • I can relate there as well. Sometimes it’s hard to dig out the hobby stuff when you’re just an on button away from digital distraction!

  • Drewdude

    yeah I have had that funk lately with my ultramarines. Or just power armor in general. Still dont think I am getting how this edition works so much. I have started a side project to help keep the painting juices flowing. I am sure I will snap out of it eventually. Besides I want to see your chaos army fully painted I really like the color scheme.

    • I would so love to get the army fully painted. I just need to sit down and hammer through some stuff. I’ve let the Heldrake drag me down. Love the model, love how it plays, painting it is a paint in the ass though. Think I’ll step back from that for a bit and get some easier models done so I can get some tangible progress which should help the motivation.

  • TheRhino

    We all have those points. Sometimes it justtakes that one little spark to get going again.
    The crush of the event coordination is hard, especially when you’re running point. Chasing people and doing the behind-the-scenes stuff for the first Standish Standoff was a ton of work, but after it was all over and I’d seen the things people produced for the event, it gave me a little push to produce.

  • I think that happens to all of us. I know it does me! Sometimes after a game I’m all keyed up, sometimes the next day I’m kinda burned out. And if I spend all weekend on 40K stuff, by Monday I don’t want to think about it for a week or two. It’s good to get away and do something else so you can come back fresh and excited again later.

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