Hobby: Chaos Update

Sadly no images but this past weekend I made some great progress on my Chaos army. I finally finished fixing all the models. The previous owner had parts glued to the wrong units, IE: Berzerker shoulders and arms on an undivided Marine. All the right parts are now on the right models and all mold lines are cleaned up. Most everything that needs to be magnetized now is, just a few arms left to do.

I’m in the process of converting over the second Plague Squad. Every model in the unit so far has some green stuff work done and once that dries I’ll go back through and finish them up. Once that sculpting is done I’ll be finished with the ‘hobby’ stuff and moving on to painting up that Plague Squad and the rest of the Berzerkers.

To that effect I also made three foam trays to have somewhere to put the finished models. I need to make a tray for my Termies and Oblits and then one for the Rhinos. My hope is to have the army painted up fully some time early winter.

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