Hobby: Getting Back in the Saddle

saddleAs mentioned lately, I’m finally getting through a funk I’ve been in lately with 40K. One thing that keeps getting to me, hobby-wise, is the daunting amount of painting I have left to do. I can put down an 1,850 list of fully painted Chaos Marines but it’s not a good 1,850 list. The next big event I need to prepare for is the Standish Standoff, which will be sometime in November. I have time to get what I want ready if I can stay focused and commit.

Therein lies the rub. See, right now I’m pretty burned out on painting power armor. I’ve been playing loyalist Marines for the better part of 4-years and that army is around 3K, maybe bigger, and is fully painted. I got my hands on Chaos Marines almost 2-years ago now so that means I’ve spent 6-years painting power armor. Sure, some of it is spiky and some of it is not but it’s all power armor.

That aside, the things I have left to paint are big projects like the Heldrake and Mauler/Forgefiend. These models I want to do justice to and that means time and patience. Of course as time goes on the less patience I have and then I just set it to the side. Of course when I do that I realize I have more power armor to paint. *sighs*

I’m putting together a plan of attack, one that I’m hoping will get me back into the hobby mood and making progress. Once I start making progress then I’ll feel more inspired to tackle the bigger stuff, or paint yet more power armor. The first thing I want to do is finish my Chaos Lord on juggernaut with axe of blind fury conversion. It’s the HQ I’ve come to love. Hopefully you all don’t think less of me for that seeing as the entire interwebz uses him too. I have some sculpting left to do for the juggernaut and then it’s on to converting the Lord to ride it. It’s a project I enjoy working on but between preparation for Fratris Salutem and my funk, it’s sat idle for some time.

From there I need to finish assembling a Chaos Marine squad so I can stop using my loyalist Marines as a stand-in. Once I get those two things done then I’ll have finished the assembly portion of what I have and it’s on to painting. Which brings me to…

Allies, specifically Imperial Guard. I’ve said before that the IG allies really appeal to me. The fluff potential is unlimited and there’s just an appeal to traitor Guard. Also, as I’ve come to realize, it’s the idea of painting something that is not power armor. Guard models are uniform and my paint scheme idea for them is the same color as my Chaos Marines but not a half-scheme. Therefore getting these models painted will be pretty quick and easy and allow me to see progress quickly and in turn keep that motivation going. Thanks to Khorne Inquisitor getting rid of a bunch of models to clear out his basement, I now have a reasonable start to my IG allies.

Anyway, I’m happy to finally be excited to get back into the swing of things and soon I’ll have some WIP shots to put up here.

Update: Since I wrote this things have changed a bit. I need to get 2 Terminators painted and 1 Obliterator for a tournament this month. I enjoy painting Terminator armor and it will also finish off those units so they are fully painted. Three models to finish off two units seems a no-brainer and then I’ll get back to the modeling elements mentioned above.

  • Welcome back! I am looking forward to seeing some new work from you.

    • Looking forward to working on stuff again too. Got some shots going up tomorrow of my Juggernaut I’m working on and likely some shots of the models I need for the tournament soon (already started painting one).

      Anxious to get the IG stuff going but I can’t let it distract me just yet.

  • TheRhino

    Interesting that you selected an English saddle instead of a Western saddle….

    • I just liked the look of it, sleek and black :)

  • JD Brink

    It’s definitely easy to get burned out. And taking time off is not a bad thing. Delve back into the real world, find something more “productive” or “substantial” to do for a while, then come back. (Unless you’re already ready to come back, which you seem to be so… Welcome back!) For me getting the new Chaos and then (yesterday) Eldar codexes has kept me freshly obsessed. Damn things…

  • If you want non power armor stuff to paint, you can always paint my stuff for me. Or, if you feel it necessary to own the models that you paint, you could always by my crap. :)

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