Hobby Hiatus: I Can See the Light!

LightI’ve been very quiet as I mentioned in one of my few articles lately. Well, the big time-consuming element, Fratris Salutem, is almost here. This Saturday is the big event and while I still have a few lingering items to take care of it, the hard work is done. This week is the first week in months where I have not felt the pressure to get 100 different things done. I’m one of those people who dislikes hates deadlines and feeling pressured. I don’t crumble in these situations but it does make me irritated. When I’m irritated I don’t feel like doing much of anything beyond what I need to, so I don’t write articles and I don’t work on my army.

This Saturday it all comes to a head and I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of the event. This is the part that makes it all worthwhile; assuming the players don’t think it blows anyway. As much as I look forward to Saturday, I also look forward to it all being over. With Fratris Salutem behind me I can focus again on my army, my poor neglected Chaos Marines.

The fact I can look forward to something is more than I’ve had going for me at all lately. Hobby interest had dwindled and my free-time was being consumed by other things, other interests that normally take a back-burner to 40K. I can feel the urge to finish assembling my Chaos Marines squad, finish painting a few squads that are a model or two from being done, etc. Next month is a tournament that some of us plan on attending out-of-state and I have a few models to get done for it. I’m hoping that’s the catalyst that puts me back on track and energized again.

So, hopefully you all see a lot more of me here again. I also want to thank Kamui and JD for helping cover for my sorry ass while I’ve been in this funk. If it weren’t for those two guys then this blog would have been lucky to see two articles in any given month.

  • JustHippie

    It is a nice relief when it is over but I’d plan on taking a week or so to just relax in your free time.
    Knowing how you are I’m sure the event will go off great and everyone will have a blast.
    Thanks for all you do for our group!

    • I’m sure you know the feeling, just wanting to make sure everything is ready an accounted for to ensure a great time. I’ve no doubt people will have fun and once tomorrow arrives I can finally rest a bit.

  • Unfortunately, I’m in the midst of my own hobby lull for different reasons, so I haven’t been able to fill in as well as I might normally.

    Best of luck with the event, I’m sure it will be great!

    • You’ve still put out far more articles than I the past few months!

  • Lukas

    If nothing else it really helped me recenter myself on the fluff perspective of the game, which I have lost of late. Hence delving into Nids, Tau, and all the other silly shenanigans! The event in and of itself has also inspired me to continue writing of Rakzan’s Redemption, over the past few weeks I’ve come up with lots of cool ideas, from names to story arcs. It should be fun :D

    • Honestly, that was the big idea with this whole thing; get people to look at their army as something other than a tool for playing 40K. It’s my favorite part of starting a new army: getting the fluff established, working out color choices, general aesthetics, etc. It’s also what keeps me interested in an army years later. If you’re not invested in your army then it’s just models you push around.

      So, glad to hear it and I’m hoping more people found inspiration. The event itself should create some great stories and scenarios as well for further fluff and modeling opportunities.

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