Hobby: Quick Update

With The Standoff being over I can now get back to my Chaos Marines. I put them on hold for the past few months to get ready for last month’s tournament and then the big event The Standoff this month.

At the moment I’ve just about completed 5 more Plague Marines and then it’s on the getting the Plague Champion done. Once I get the squad completed I’ll try to get some shots up. I’ve also got some sculpting to finish up on one of my Daemon Princes. It’s the old metal one and I got the new plastic Prince wings for him. They’re on there and I’m sculpting them in to blend in with the model and it’s looking good if I say so. After that…the list is seemingly endless.

I also moved my painting station. Despite my wife’s protests I had it set up on our dinning room table forever. We never eat at it, that’s what couches are for. It’s now in my office, which makes more sense. Now I have both my addictions in reach at any given moment, my PC and my 40K stuff. Ah, life is good.

Not hobby related but Chaos related, my FLGS’s December tournament will be 1,225pts (12/25, get it?). This will be the first time I bring my Chaos army to a tournament and I’m curious to see how I do. Overall I’m performing way better with Chaos than my loyalists but those are pick-up games and tournaments are a whole different animal.

  • Luke

    I think Chaos suits you better, since you lean toward the assault phase so much, I feel like they perform better there

    • I agree. Chaos is a short/mid-range shooting army that is a reasonable assault army. Just a better fit.

  • hippie

    The models are WAAAAAY cooler too!

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