Kamui’s Summer Challenge 2011: More pics

Since I wasn’t able to participate in ‘Ard Boyz today, and those who did are probably not going to post anything tonight, I thought I’d toss up a few close-ups of the Grey Hunters:

  • I really like the scheme. The merging of SW themes with your paint scheme works well. Keeps that gritty SW feel without being SW colors.

    • Thanks!  I wanted to convey the ex-Space Wolves as opposed to just a DIY using the SW codex.  I’m also planning to work some dragon-themes into the army later on.  (The space hulk they’re riding has been named Nighogg after the Norse dragon who gnaws at the roots of the world tree in its effort to escape Niflheim and enter the world of mortals.)

  • Anonymous

    Great work. Did you set a goal like a model a day? Because you really are kicking out a lot of great work quickly 

    • Thanks!
      I’m trying to get 2000pts finished this summer.  I set to building  most of it up front so most of that is finished.  I also set up my paint scheme to look good with minimal layers.  Now that I’m into the painting I expect things should pick up a bit but I’m afraid I’ll be pushing completion into the fall.

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