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Magnetizing a CR90 Corellian Corvette – Star Wars X-Wing

Looks cool, right?

(Too bad I broke a cannon off, oops)

If you want help magnetizing your stuff, I may be THE BARON of magnets ;)

I’m using the: CR90 Corvette & Imperial Raider Huge Ship Star Wars X-Wing Repair & Magnetize Kit


Step 1

Use some modeling putty to fill up the hole in the base.  This helps the magnet stick better.

Step 2

Put a dab of super glue on the green stuff and exposed plastic surface and drop a magnet on.

Note on magnets: It is crucial that you make sure that the magnets on the rods match up to the magnets on the CR90 and the base.  I personally make sure that the rods are completely interchangeable.  Just keep this in mind and check before you glue.


Step 3: Magnetize the Rods

I held the rod vertically with one hand, applied super glue, then gently place the magnet on top, holding it down to prevent it from sliding off and be lop-sided.  I also tend to cover my hands with glue… If you’ve got a better way, comment bellow because I’d love to not be a glue monster anymore :P


Step 4: Magnetizing the CR90

Clip, cut, and sand off as much of the peg as you can.

Then take some of that putty you have from before and use put a glob of it on the back of the magnet.  Drop those magnets where the pegs used to be.  Don’t worry about making them too flat, there’s a shortcut for that in the next step!

Step 5

Mount the CR90 on both of the bases, being careful not to disturb the putty too much.

“But it’s not dry yet Constantine!”

Exactly!  Because it isn’t dry, it will conform to the magnets on the rods and with gravity, it will flatten itself and fit perfectly without you having to be a master sculptor!


This process and kit will work for all of the huge ships.  The Gozanti Cruiser, Imperial Raider, Rebel Transport, and the Searock Cruiser when it finally comes out.

And that’s it!  Takes 15 minutes including time to let the glue dry.

Drop me a comment if you have any issues or want to see another model magnetized from any other game.  I’m a bit of a magnetic fiend ::)

Happy wargaming!

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