Must Have Ork Wargear

Wargear: Ork TechnologyIn every game I play there is always certain wargear that units have to have. I strongly advocate mixing up your lists as you don’t want people to expect the same thing out of you each game, but when it comes to wargear there are simply must have items for me.

Bosspoles – As a Speed Freek style player I run smaller units and so rarely am I ever fearless so it’s really a requirement there. It won’t always save you, especially when you need snake eyes, but it’s so damn cheap that even if it fails it’s not like you’ve wasted points on it. People who run larger mobs of Boyz tend to forgo the bosspole and it’s easy to see why when you’re fearless most of the time, but even there I’d suggest it. Again, it’s just a really cheap backup plan. Having re-rolls in 40K is awesome, ask an Eldar player, so if you can take re-rolls then take it, especially with low Ork leadership.

Reinforced Rams – As noted above, I run a lot of vehicles. With Trukks full of Boyz I need to get them into combat ASAP, or at least when I need them, and a reinforced ram gives you a re-roll for failed dangerous terrain (re-rolls are good). I don’t like having to drive around terrain to get my Boyz somewhere, I drive through it, hence the ram. Being able to reliable drive through terrain to get into combat can be the difference between taking another turn and losing your Trukk in the process, immobilizing yourself or instead smashing into something vital when you need it. It’s a really cheap wargear item too. Plus, it gives a Trukk the option to tank shock and ram. Ramming with a Trukk will most likely get you blown up but tank shocking can come in handy, it has for me.

‘eavy Armor – The Nobz who lead my Boyz get ‘eavy armor. Again, with small units it’s not long before everyone in the unit is taking saves and a 4+ is damn nice, at least when your standard save is a 6+. I also use the ‘eavy armor on the Nob to try and save a Boy. If I need as many attacks as possible in combat, or I can’t afford to lose a Boy from shooting, I’ll allocate to the Nob for that 50% chance to negate it. If I’m wrapping wounds and need to double up I’ll sometimes double up the Nob since mathhammer says I’ll save one of them. Like the previous wargear it’s cheap and well worth having.

Power Klaws – This one is a no-brainer really. It smashes Marines and tanks. Unlike some, I don’t give every single Nob of mine a power klaw but most have one.

Boarding Planks – Now this one isn’t always on my vehicles but it is more often than not, at least any vehicle that has a Nob with a PK (power klaw). A boarding plank allows you to drive your vehicle within 2″ of another and if you haven’t moved more than 12″, and the other vehicle hasn’t, then you can make attacks on it in the assault phase with one model in the vehicle. What makes this worthwhile is the other option is to get out of the vehicle and attack it. Boyz on the charge can glance a vehicle (anything rear AV10) , so getting out of it gives you more attacks but the downside is if you destroy it. If it blows up then you’re taking saves and taking saves on a 6+ isn’t fun. If it has a unit in it then next turn you’re getting shot to hell and/or charged. If you have a boarding plank then exploding a vehicle doesn’t effect you and anyone in it has to get you out of the Trukk, no free shots. Another cheap piece of wargear. It’s situational but when that situation arises it’s handy.

That sums up my must have wargear. I did this in a general sense, the army as a whole. Some units I take will always have certain wargear too but that’s a unit by unit thing better covered individually.

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