Looking Forward: New Ork Codex

GorkamorkaI started playing Warhammer 40K back in 4th edition in 2006. Prior to that I had played the specialist game Gorkamorka (albeit barely at all), somewhere around 1996. So, when I got into Warhammer 40K (with some nudging by Kamui), I managed to dig up the Orks I had from Gorkamorka and began building my first Warhammer 40K army, Orks. You can check them out a bit over here.

Over the years I started a Necron army, Space Marines and most recently Chaos Space Marines. The latter being what most know me for in recent years but I do still love my Orks. When Necrons got their last codex I never bought it. The same for Space Marines even though, at the time, they were a favorite army of mine. The upcoming Ork codex though is a whole other story and I’ve already put my name in for a pre-order at my LGS as soon as that goes up.

Orks have always been a captivating army, even if you don’t play them. Their ramshackle nature combined with randomness always makes them an interesting army to face – barring a Nob biker list anyway. It’s also what makes them a blast to play and a fun army to build. Admittedly the randomness can get a bit tiresome, and occasionally cost you a game, but it almost always makes for an interesting story if nothing else.

Ork TechnologyThere’s also that ability to create damn near anything you need in the army with conversions and/or scratch-building for Orks. As soon as I started playing Warhammer 40K with Orks I began creating stuff. My first scratch-build was a Lobba with some straws set on a wooden shingle and held in place by rubber bands. It was crude but once painted up it looked just fine. Over time of course my skills have expanded but the Ork codex was suffering in 5th edition, for me anyway, and 6th edition I never even played them. So, I further honed my sculpting abilities and conversion work on Chaos Space Marines. Now I’m really looking forward to having a new codex with new units to build and new toys to create and putting my improved hobby skills to the test with an army that has always been a favorite of mine.

As far as Orks on the table-top, I’m not looking for much honestly. I’m a Speed Freek player so I really hope to see that be a viable approach with the greenskins. I have never liked the horde approach with any army. Orks are not an elite army, so I’m going to have a lot of bodies and models no matter what, but it doesn’t have to be a green-tide either. Beyond that, really I would just like to see Orks get some more AP1/2 shooting options. Orks have always lacked that and with 7th edition requiring AP1/2 in shooting to one-shot vehicles, Orks are going to need some more sources of it.

Ork NobI have not been keeping up on Ork rumors at all because they are just that, rumors. Normally I don’t bother looking but for Warhammer 40K 7th edition I made an exception and checked them all out. As is so often the case, 99% of those rumors were just invalid. I’m not going to waste my time looking at the Ork ones.

I’m looking forward to the new Ork codex and busting out my seriously neglected Boyz. I’d guesstimate that my Ork army is around 3K points. It’s not huge but it’s a big enough collection that I shouldn’t have any issues working into the new codex. Naturally I’ll need to buy some new units, add to existing, all the usual that comes with a new codex and I can’t wait.

So, who else is anxiously waiting on the new codex? I expect we’ll see an Ork revival in the next few weeks.

  • I will admit that I am also excited for the new codex. I have been reading some of the rumors but taking them all pretty lightly. The leaked WD pics are the ones I am most inclined to believe and it those pan out I’m pretty happy with the new artillery choices. I definitely like the new models that have been released.

    I am very eager to see what they do with looted vehicles. The 4th edition codex allowed you to loot actual imperial vehicles with the options and prices from their parent codex but BS2. I’d really like to see something like that but with upgrades taken from the Ork codex instead of the source codex. Of course, allies and unbound give you ways to work those units in but I’d rather see a mechanic for it within the codex.

    I will probably not rush out to pick up the new book though. I still have the shiny new Astra Militarum codex to play with and the Rebel Grots scratch the same modelling itch as the Orks. I want to have at least a solid core of Rebel Grots finished before I start digging out Orks again.

    • WD leaks I’m all for, the rest I don’t bother with though.

      I was talking about Looted vehicles Wednesday, how they worked like that. I never bothered because I only had Orks but now I have some armies to pull from I would love to see the old looting rules.

  • The one thing that may disappoint you from this release (and I’m hoping something is still coming), is that everything released so far is SLLLllllooooow. Dakka, foot slogging, walkers, artillery, ordnance. Nothing involving fast moving vehicles. I keep waiting to hear something about defkopta’s/buggies (hoping for a dual kit). But nothing yet.

    Orks were my first army, and are still my favorite by far. I’ve always had fun playing them, even if my win ratio is horrible. (You either really win with orks, or really lose :) ).

    • We still have time to hear stuff though. Besides, they’re probably just pushing the new shiny kits: Flashgitz, Morkanaut, etc. Battlewagons are already done, Trukks are already done, though we need new Buggies and a Kopta kit, as you said. Lack of information doesn’t bother me so we’ll see.

      My record is far from great with Orks as well. Hell, my record is far from great regardless of army!

      • That’s an excellent point. Maybe they also feel that Forgeworld has so many other options covered (like big tracks/gun wagons, etc). Either way, I am excited to have my boyz back on the table krumpin some heads. My only worry now is that all the walkers end up in the same heavy slot…

        • I hear ya. We may not get everything we want but at least we’ll have a current codex and for that I’m happy.

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