New Orks: Impact on My Army

OrksI picked up my copy of the Ork codex yesterday for Warhammer 40K 7th edition and overall I’m happy with it. It reminds me of 7th edition, overall pretty much the same but with some small subtle changes that have a large impact. Most things got cheaper, which has been the trend for a while now with Games Workshop (buy more models!). A few things took a hit, like Kanz are a far cry from what they once were but admittedly they were too good for their points.


Mob Rule

One of the bigger changes was the army/unit special rules. The Mob Rule is now in there as a table you roll on when you fail morale or pinning. No longer are units fearless when large, so this is a HUGE change. Larger units stand a better chance of surviving the Mob Rule table, as is the Ork way. It makes sense but it really hurts my Boyz who ride around in Trukks. I’m not going to spend my time complaining about this rule but it is going to be the biggest detriment to my favorite style of play that focuses on small units in fast fragile vehicles.

Big Mek

Another big impact on my style of list is the Big Mek. The KFF (Kustom Force Field), no longer projects outside a vehicle but instead gives the save to the vehicle if embarked. That means getting my Trukks up the field is going to be harder. I could take three Big Meks with KFFs but it hardly seems worth it. I can put him on foot but the Trukks will outpace him. I think what I’m going to need to do here is take a few Meks, which I love we can now do, and toss them in Trukks. They won’t stop explosions but give me the chance to repair those immobilized results. Plus, I can give them a KMB (Kustom Megablasta), and have a fair chance of taking out a vehicle (Ork ballistic skill aside), and charging the occupants.

I’ve always loved my Big Mek but I’m just not sure where to use him now. He will still be great inside a Battlewagon but I rarely take one since Trukks are faster. I do like the idea of him with the Tellyport Blasta though, so maybe he gets a Meganobz retinue and dives into the fray now.

Cheaper Units

Most of the other changes impact my list in a positive way with cost. Deffkoptas are cheaper, Wartrakks are cheaper with a larger unit size and outflank, Stormboyz are cheaper, Lootas are cheaper…so forth and so on. Overall I will be packing more units into my lists which is never a bad thing.

Conclusion for Now

I’m still digesting the Ork codex but that’s my off-the-cuff stuff. Overall it’s an improvement for my Orks but I am seriously concerned about the Mob Rule with my small units. I’m hoping there’s a Speed Freeks supplement in the works and it modifies the Mob Rule, or gives them some boon, when dealing with Boyz in Trukks. I will of course play games to see how things pan out here but I don’t like the feeling I have regarding that Mob Rule.

  • Yeah, mob rule seems like a tricky thing to get past. How it works out for Ork players, as Orks have always been one of my favorite armies to play against.

    • It’s the only thing in the codex that I don’t care for but it also stands to have the largest impact too. We’ll see what the supplements bring.

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