Rok Da Vote: Ork Codex for 7th (Closed)

I figured the poll would get more votes than it did considering the Ork codex was a good six years in the making but there’s still a reasonable amount of votes. Speaking of, the results:

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I’ll run down from the most voted to least this time.

The Results

So, the most voted on answer with 48% were those who feel it’s a good solid codex. This was my vote as well. It’s not an earth shattering codex and will not change the meta of the game but it’s good. Things got cheaper, rules were tweaked and a few new units were introduced. I think the codex will hold up on 7th.

From there things dip quite a bit. Second was 17% who said the codex sucks. The only other codex I’ve polled for here that topped that was the latest Daemon codex which had 28% thinking it sucked. I feel 17% is a pretty strong value, especially when compared to other codices polled for here where it’s in the ballpark of 5% or less who feel that way. I’m going to have to guess that the Mob Rule is the biggest reason people voted this way because the rest of the codex is very much the same as it was before. Sure, some small tweaks but the Mob Rule was the big change and it has not been met with open arms.

At 11% were those who said it’s better than the last but still not good. Combine this with those who think it sucks and that’s 28% who view this codex unfavorably. That’s a large amount of unhappy players.

Also at 17% were those who think it’s alright. I figured more would swing this way over the negative votes but this codex has some strong opinions regarding it.

Only 7% think the codex is kicks ass and 0% feel it’s over-the-top. Again, not a surprising result considering.


There it is, one of the least popular codices I’ve polled for here. I’m not terribly surprised. I’ve been playing Orks since 4th edition and at that time they were using a 3rd edition codex. It took eight years to get a new codex which dropped in 4th edition and was supposedly written intended for 5th edition. Six years later Orks get a new codex, so suffering through all of 5th and 6th with a 4th codex. My point is that Orks are an army that’s always behind the curve because there’s such large gaps in their codex releases. When you go so long between codices there’s certain expectations by the players and the players aren’t feeling that those are being met and I can’t disagree. Orks are now the first 7th codex, which is a mixed bag. It’s great to have a new codex and be the first to see the new format in what a 7th codex is going to be going forward but at the same time they will be the oldest 7th codex. Orks have now laid the groundwork for what will, without a doubt, be better and stronger 7th edition codices going forward and again fall behind the curve.

  • Supposedly Orks just swept a local tournament. The codex is significantly stronger then most angry people are giving it credit. It’s just new, and takes time to re-figure out unit synergy. (new fav seems to be 15 warbikers with painboy/bike), lotta dakka, and T5 4+/5+…and CHEAP.

    • I agree. Too many are just discrediting the codex with out so much as trying it for themselves. There’s just so many cheap units that are effective at their job in the codex: Tankbustas, Deffkoptas, Kommandos, etc.

      What I’m curious about is will the codex will hold up once we’re 4-5 codices into 7th? Chaos was the first 6th codex and every codex put out after it was stronger. Space Marines were the first 5th codex and started showing its age compared to Grey Knights and Necrons. Are Orks destined to the same fate?

      • I think (if GW keeps moving forward with a similar style of codex revamp) we are seeing a codex power decrease across the board. A lot of the powerful units which many take in multiples are going to be nerfed. It’s no longer a “lets make everything way better”, but more of a “nerf the strong, buff the weak”.

        I think “if” GW sticks to this formula (we’ll see after SW, but it’s already looking good) it will result in the armies being more balanced across the board.

        I don’t think orks are meant to be a top contender in the tourney scene. The very nature of them prevents that. They are first and forthmost meant to be a fun army…which is why they remained popular for so many editions. They are just fun to play!

        • I thought the same thing when the Chaos codex came out for 6th. I thought, “Here’s a solid codex with some interesting builds but nothing too crazy,” other than the Heldrake at the time anyway. I figured it would be the way of 6th, strong balanced codices and we know how that turned out.

          I hope they do though, tone down the codices a bit and bring things back inline a bit more. My optimism is waning though on that front.

          • Well so far it’s been pretty solid and even since the nid codex. SW is the real kicker though…so far it looks like they are already nerfing grey hunters, which seems to reinforce their style of changes. And the new flyer is very points cost heavy.

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