Orks – ‘ard Boyz Tactica

Ork 'ard BoyzAn ‘ard Boy costs 4pts more than a normal Boy, which is a pretty significant price increase. For every 3 ‘ard Boyz you buy you could have 2 more normal Boyz, IE: 3 ‘ard Boyz or 5 regular Boyz. So, is the 4+ save worth the big price increase? In my opinion, yes they are worth it, you just can’t use them like you would normal Boyz or you’re going to waste your points and then they won’t be worth it.

I take 12 of them and give them a trukk, which is my suggestion, give them a ride, any ride. I also will attach a Warboss with them to make them dead stompy. These guys have a 4+ save but if you’re going on foot then you’re going to lose them. It doesn’t take a genius to realize getting into assault with Orks that have a 4+ save is not in their favor and they will do what they need to in order to remove them. A 4+ save is better than most people give it credit for, even from shooting. However, on foot things like plasma cannons, plasma guns, Vindicators, assault cannons, autocannons, and many more, will laugh at your 4+ save. Having a larger mob of ‘ard Boyz will help you deal with casualties but really you shouldn’t be walking these up the board like regular Boyz, that’s what regular Boyz are for, not the unit you paid almost double for!

So give them a ride. Their 4+ save is best used in assault, not trying to shrug off lots of shooting. You need to pick your targets carefully, don’t just throw them at anything, again that’s what normal Boyz are for. You want to attack units where you can use your 4+ save, so don’t attack a unit that has power weapons, not if you have a choice anyway. If you attack appropriate units, units where they aren’t denying your save, then you’ll quickly see the value of ‘ard Boyz.

Let’s give an example here. Let’s say we have 12 Orks in a trukk with sluggas & choppas, 1 is a Nob with a PK. The Orks are charging 10 Assault Marines and the Sergeant has a power sword. Normally I wouldn’t charge this unit because of the power sword, but let’s say it has to be done and it does make a good example.

Regular Boyz
Marines: 18 attacks, 9 hits, 4.5 wounds, 3.75 dead Orks
Sergeant: 3 attacks, 1.5 hits, .75 wounds, .75 dead Orks

Orks: 26 attacks, 13 hits, 6.5 wounds, 1.67 dead Marines
Nob: 4 attacks, 2 hits, 1.67 wounds, 1.67 dead Marines

Marines Kill: 4.5
Orks Kill: 3.34

Marines win combat

‘ard Boyz
Marines: 18 attacks, 9 hits, 4.5 wounds, 2.25 dead Orks
Sergeant: 3 attacks, 1.5 hits, .75 wounds, .75 dead Orks

Orks: 32 attacks, 16 hits, 8 wounds, 2.67 dead Marines
Nob: 4 attacks, 2 hits, 1.67 wounds, 1.67 dead Marines

Marines Kill: 3
Orks Kill: 4.34

Orks win combat

The obvious difference is the ‘ard Boyz win the combat. The normal Boyz most likely would have been swept, but had they not been swept then they are fighting at half strength and no longer charging…not good odds for the Boyz. The ‘ard Boyz won their combat though and have more Boyz left. Since we’re fighting Marines we know the odds are they won’t run and the fight continues. The ‘ard Boyz are no longer charging so the fight is harder now but they have that 4+ save to keep them stuck in and they are outnumbering the Marines now. The ‘ard Boyz will be able to clean up the remaining Marines in a couple of assault rounds.

Other than power weapons, try and avoid units that also have an insane ability to wound. A great example is a Seer Council with witch blades (wound on a 2+). I did this last week, being pretty ignorant of Eldar ways, and charged into a 10 strong Seer Council with ‘ard Boyz and my Warboss. Of course Eldar swung first and smashed away a big chunk of my unit. I still got my 4+ save but the Eldar having ability to wound on a 2+…well, I had to make a lot of 4+ saves. I retaliated but the Eldar still won combat and I was subsequently swept. In one round of combat I just lost a 270pt unit. Live and learn.

So in summary, give them a ride and get them into assault with units where that 4+ save is going to shine. Use your normal Boyz for tieing up Terminators, Dreadnoughts and the like, and use the ‘ard Boyz to bury and remove the weaker units.

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