Orks: My Big Takeaways

Keep it Orky and Waaagh!I wanted to chat a bit about the positive changes in the Ork codex in regards to my army, how I play my Orks. There’s some negatives in the codex to be sure but there’s a fair amount of good stuff as well. I’ve spent some time lamenting a few of those negative things so it’s time to move forward and figure out what I’m doing.

I’m not going to run through the entire codex and review everything, just the particular units and items that impact me and how I play my Orks.



I love that you can now take Meks on their own as an HQ choice. Also, you can take one for each HQ choice that is not a Mek and it doesn’t use up an HQ slot. They are a meager 15pts and get you access to the Mek Weapons. In the Speed Freek style list I play this is big. I can now attach them to various squads to keep vehicles running.


These guys dropped 2pts per-model, which isn’t bad. The bigger thing is the Glory Hogs rule went from a detriment to the unit to a bonus. Now in a mission that uses First Blood if the Tankbustas accomplish it and it’s a vehicle then it’s worth twice as much. They can now also take a Trukk as a dedicated transport.

The downside is that tankhammers went from a free upgrade to being 15pts. Also, the Nob’s power klaw is not discounted. It used to be 15pts and now it’s the standard 25pts.

Overall they went up in cost, assuming you’re taking tankhammers and a Nob with a power klaw – and why wouldn’t you? However, with the ability to take a Trukk for a ride and not being hindered by Glory Hogs they are well worth the points.

Kommandos & Snikrot

These guys stayed the same cost but gained Stealth. I’ve always loved Kommandos and gaining Stealth is nice. Plus, if you take Snikrot (whom I love), you replace Stealth with Shrouded on the turn you arrive from reserves. Snikrot himself went down 25pts, which is huge. He still lets you outflank from any edge you choose so I’ll be using these guys for sure.


Trukks have moved into the Fast Attack slot, as well as remaining a dedicated transport choice for many units, which is interesting and I like it. Also, not exclusive to Trukks but boarding planks give you an extra 2″ on the charge. The boarding plank went up in cost, so I don’t see using it on Trukks so much, but it’s a great little boon.


Stormboyz saw a 3pt reduction per-model and can now get up to 30 strong in a unit. They have the option to run 2D6″ now, though the movement is treated as if it were Dangerous Terrain. The big thing here is that a Warboss’s Waaagh! lets you charge after you run. Now you can move your Stormboyz 12″, run 2D6″ and then charge if you declare your Waaagh! That’s a lot of ground covered fast.


One of the big winners I feel in the new Ork codex. Each model is now 5pts less base and can take a twin-linked rokkit launcha or kustom mega-blasta for free. The previous codex had rokkits run you 10pts and the KMB 5pts, so huge points savings here. Going with twin-linked rokkits saves you 15ps a model over the old codex.


Another big points savings. Warbikers went down 7pts a model. The Exhaust Cloud rule is gone and replaced with +1 to your jink if you Turbo-boosted. I can live with that, though I did like the old rule.


Just like the Deffkoptas, this unit got significantly cheaper and better. Each model is 5pts less than before stock. You can take the twin-linked rokkit for free now instead of paying 5pts for it. The unit can now go up to five from three and gained the Outflank special rule. Now I can put down super cheap large units of AV10 vehicles that can outflank and fire rokkits on side and rear armor; love it.

Deff Dread

Not a huge change but it did get a little cheaper. It’s 5pts more stock but can swap in rokkit launchas for free now, which puts you at a 15pts savings. Actually, all the weapon options either got cheaper or remained the same except for Grot Riggers, which went up 5pts but went from fixing an immobilized result to giving you It Will Not Die, so I’m fine with that.

I rarely used the Deff Dread before, and it sucks that it can’t be moved to Troops any longer, but with it being cheaper I’ll likely be working one or two into my lists now.


Those are the big positive impacts on my particular army and it’s a lot of them. All around a lot of savings on units I routinely use and some nice bonuses as well with unit sizes and special rules. These are the units I will be focusing on as I rebuild my army up for 7th edition.

What are your big takeaways with the new Ork codex?

  • TheRhino

    With Snikrot, is it simply the game turn that he arrives that he gets Shrouded? If so, it’s pointless if you go second, as immediately after you arrive, it expires. Kind of like the rules for Contemptor Dreads and Mortis Dreads where you get Interceptor (also Skyfire) for the game turn if you don’t move in your turn.
    When does Waaagh have to be declared? Beginning of the turn, or the Assault phase?

    • Shrouded is the turn he arrives until the start of his next turn, so useful regardless of top of bottom of turn. It would have sucked otherwise for sure.

      Waaagh! is declared at the start of your turn, barring the first.

      • TheRhino

        Does Ghaz still get to declare his anytime he likes, or only at the top of the turn now?

        • No stipulation in his rule, Prophet of Gork and Mork, that says it cannot be declared on turn #1 like the Waaagh! rule states.

        • Hmmm. It says, “He has a 2+ invuln on any turn he calls a Waaagh!…blah, blah, blah.” So, it doesn’t say he can’t do it on turn #1 but it also says when he calls a Waaagh! So, I would take it to mean he has to respect the rules for declaring a Waaagh! which would mean not on turn #1.

          • TheRhino

            Yeah, I would figure he’d follow the normal rules for a Waaagh, but gets the 2++ in addition. No on turn one. I’m just thankful he can’t just call his Waaah to get the save whenever he likes, like when he’s about to lose his last wound to a lascannon or something. That was seriously annoying.

  • There appears to be a lot of synergy in the codex in regards to a combination of…

    1) Slow moving forces
    2) Fast moving forces
    3) Forcing appearing from all sides

    Heck the one ghazkull formation gives pretty much everything in your army the ability to possibly deep strike!

    • Agreed. Units are generally so cheap that you can outflank and handful of units and still have enough threat on the table that you aren’t boned while you wait for reserves. I see myself using a fair amount of outflanking units as a result of that and the units that are doing it, generally, are fast and can get into position easy enough.

      • Originally I was bummed we lost the kan wall. Then I was excited because of the dread mob formation…then I added up the dread mob formation points and got sad again (we play 1500 points locally, and it’s almost 1500 points).

        Then I noticed how cheap deff kopta’s are now. (We get 5 for what we used to pay for 3). Then saw snirots changes….started calculating all the crazy stuff you can have moving around the table now.

        I think I’m going to replace my killa kans with mega nobz, and march them up besides a morkanaught, with deff dreads behind them. Followed by fast moving trukk’s, and kill kannon battle wagons (boyz swappin in instead of meganobz). Then outflank with snirot and some buggies, and fly around the board with some stormboyz…gonna be a right krumpin time.

        • We do have a lot of cheap fast units and access to many cheap rokkits.

          I’m all about full-on speed so I’m going to try out a few things tomorrow. Outflanking Wartrakks with rokkits is one unit, 5 x Deffkoptas w/rokkits is another.

          Something else I’m going to try out, as an idea struck me when writing my list, is using Meks offensively. For example, taking Kommandos w/2 x rokkits, Snikrot and then attaching a Mek with a KMB for some nice rear armor shots when they arrive. Also, adding one with a KMB to my Tankbustas. Synergizes with the unit and gives at least one AP2 weapon to the bunch. Of course he can fix their ride too, never a bad thing.

          • I haven’t checked on the cost of the mek’s buzz saw…but you could also use him as a hidden character to drastically increase the damage vs vehicles. Of course if the super PK is more then the cost of the mek, might not be worth it. Just having three characters in one unit would help immensely with challenges. (boss nob, snirot, and mek).

            I like your ideas! Look forward to hearing how they work out! I’m still waiting on my dragon forge bases for my morkanaught..then I’ll get to krumping. Going to use grots as hull point markers :).

            • The Killsaw runs 30pts and the Mek is 15pts, so….yeah. It’s still not a terrible idea even with the cost, as you noted, there’s other characters in the unit. I just happen to have two Meks with KMBs so I figured I’d run them WYSIWYG the first go.

              Grots as HP markers, that’s an awesome idea!

              • Yup saw that on another blog. He was using an eldar seer which holds the staff out to point at markers on the wraithknights base. Immediately thought of doing the same with the grot who points a gun forward…then thought it would be more fun to just put 5 grots over the model that I could remove. We’ll see how it turns out!

          • TheRhino

            Can a Mek join an outflanking unit if he doesn’t himself have outflank?

            • Infiltrate only requires one model with it to confer, same with Outflank, so he’s all set on both accounts.

              • Also, he’s not an IC. It’s the IC status that messes with things. He’s just a character that has to be joined to a unit at the start of the game.

  • BigToof

    Hi Thor! Great post. I had a recent game versus New Orks as TauDar and they are vicious!
    Granted, I think if you played Trukk rush, things may have gotten worse, and I think a lot of people are grumbling about nerfs, but I have to tell you, the most bone jarring thing is seeing 20-plus inch runs out of a battlewagon! Also, Painboy with Bikers is just a tough nut to crack. They don’t run easily as they shrug off mob rule wounds and they are fast and hella shooty when they aren’t beating face.
    I think this new Codex is going to require a lot of playtesting and new tactics, as a lot of the old synergies don’t work anymore, but Orks are still going to be quite solid.


    P.S. Oh, and Tankbusters are now Tankhunters, so they’re actually pretty good at their job…

    • Hey there. Long time!

      Yes, a swarm of Trukks is my style so that’s the tricky thing I’ll be working out. It was easy when a KFF bubbled out of a vehicle. Now it’s a different approach and hopefully they’ll put out a Kult of Speed supplement to aid.

      Bikers with a Painboy, I can see that being really tough, especially if those are Nobs. The option of a Painboy as an HQ opens up all sorts of options, which is cool. I was even looking at a Warboss with Da Lucky Stikk, ‘ard Boyz and a Painboy. Get some Boyz with a 4+, FNP and WS5.

      I still used Tankbustas in the old rules so I will certainly be using them now. They’re now finally what they should have been all along.

  • Nice run-down. I like that your “Speedmek” style will now incorporate a bunch of speedy meks!

    The Warbike gets +1 to cover saves when turbo boosting, not just jink saves. Still not as good as Exhaust Cloud but I’m happy to make that trade given the reduction in points.

    One added benefit of the Deff Dread now is that he helps offset the Cowardly Grots! rule the Kans have picked up.

    Overall, the new book has already got me chomping at the bit to dig out my Orks. I’ve got to hold out at least long enough to finish painting what I have for my Rebel Grots but it’s going to be tough!

    • No shortage of small changes with large impacts that’s for sure.

      If nothing else maybe this will be that final motivating push to get those Rebel Grots finished up :)

      • It might be. I am almost finished modelling everything so I should be able to start painting soon.

        Another note, the Tankbusta’s klaw used to be discounted because it replaced his rokkit launcha. Now I think he gets to keep the launcha.

        • Here’s the interesting thing. The entry for the Tankbusta Nob says he can take items from melee weapons. Melee weapons says you can replace a melee weapon with one of the following. However, the Tankbusta Nob has no melee weapon, just a rokkit launcha. So, how can he take melee weapons without one to trade in?

          • In the main rule book under Close Combat Weapons it states that “If a model is not specifically stated as having a weapon with the Melee type, it is treated
            as being armed with a single close combat weapon.” I would assume that the Tankbusta Nob is trading his stock or improvised melee weapon for the Klaw. The rokkit launcha is definitely not a melee weapon so he’s not trading that.

            Or maybe because the Nob believes the table lets him take a klaw, it does…

            • That would make sense, a default CCW, in which case you could take the klaw and keep the rokkit. I’m cool with that.

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