Orks: My Realization

Last night at my FLGS I played a game with my Orks, which I haven’t done in five months. This month’s tournament will score painting and then in November, details coming soon, we’ll be hosting a large hobby tournament. I figured since I’ve played the hell out of my Marines that I’d toss down Orks for these events, seeing as my Chaos force is still in the modeling stages.

The game was against another Ork player fielding a foot slogger list featuring Ghaz (naturally), Biker Nobz and normal Nobz. It was an interesting match up for my Speed Freek list that ended in a draw. I came to the realization after the game that my Orks just don’t hold the interest for me that they once did.

Orks were my first army and I played them for a year straight before a brief stint into necrotic robot territory, back in 4th when they didn’t blow. I got into Marines a bit later and slowly ramped them up and in the past five months have played them almost exclusively. Until these last five months my Orks had made regular appearances on 40K nights and tournaments.

During the last few months something happened that in fielding my Orks last night I was just not excited about it. I’ve learned a ton since I last fielded them and I feel I put down a competitive list, at least more so than in the past. The game I played was a good game, a lot of back and forth, neither of us gaining a real edge. So it wasn’t the game itself that put me off.

I think the big problem is the one-dimensionality of my Orks compared to my Marines. Orks do well at what they do. They field dirt cheap units that are all capable of assault. They can race to your lines and dump off bodies or make a slow and steady advance while soaking up every weapon aimed at them. In the end though it’s really different approaches to achieve the same effect, swamp the enemy and win through a game of attrition.

I have become so used to the adaptability of my Marines and the ability to field distinctly differently lists from the same codex that going back to my Orks was more of a chore than it was fun. The codex lacks the flavor and mutability of the newer codices where special characters drastically effect your force. To me this is where the codex is showing its age more than any other area. I could handle that they may not be an optimal tournament force in the eyes of many if they just offered more than a few approaches in their use. Maybe I should say if they offered more than one approach in their use that I’m interested in.

This unfortunate realization, as I still love Orks for their fluff and hobby work, saddens me. There are many other codices that deserve their day in the light before the Orks but I can’t help but look forward to when Orks do see their next codex. Until then I think my boyz will sit idly by while my loyalist Marines and chaotic Marines take center stage.

  • What is your Ork list dude?

    • The list is here: http://cmdctr.net/lists/446

      Any advice is appreciated, assuming I have the models for whatever advice. I’m not giving up on the boyz, just might be time for a change. The trick is creating a list that that’s fun to play, to me, but more adaptable.

      • I’m not a fan of Kommandos. I believe the only Ork elites worth looking at are Nobz, Lootas and Burnas. Reason is all of them have a decent amount of damage output. The Kommandos are restricted that they must fire at tanks, what if it’s something like a Land Raider or Monolith which is closest? Or perhaps a stunned/shaken tank you don’t need or fire at. I would really ditch them.
        I see you’ve gone Trukk Boyz, you really haven’t got enough of these as they are mega weak. Trukks can easily be taken down and the Boyz inside won’t last long. I would max these as a troop choice or take 5 of them and take a unit of Gretchin to hold objectives. I would also drop the ‘Ard Boyz, they are too expensive for the same what a normal Ork does. Trukks really should be maxed out in elites maybe or a single unit of Nobz and then Warbuggies to support.
        Mix of fast attack isn’t good, just stick with the Warbuggies or Koptas. I think Koptas are better for alpha strike, lets you take out a opponent before they’ve even moved.
        Kanz are just going to fall behind this fast moving army, they are a chink in your armour so I would drop them.
        Btw how you finding disqus as a commenting system? Intense debate is really starting to get on my nerves.

        • Think you meant Tankbustas, not Kommandos. I know not everyone likes them, and I understand why, but they’ve always done well for me. Remember, they don’t have to fire at the closest vehicle, just a visible vehicle.

          I need one more Trukk, right now 4 is all I have for them. To make up for it I often field Nobz as troops, so Warboss of course too, and toss them in a BW. I obviously didn’t in this particular list. I generally also field the obligatory Grot squad.

          The Kanz are definitely slow so often they serve as a second wave of attack and general deterrent. True in that they aren’t critical though.

          I love Disqus. Probably the best addon I’ve put into my blog. They do have the occasional load issue where email notices about comments are delayed but that’s not a huge deal as the comments still go up, I just may not get immediate notice, no biggie. I also prefer the admin side of things more than ID. The interface is well done and simple.

  • I don’t play much with my orks nowadays for much of the same reasons you cite

    • It sucks. They’re such a fun army overall but it’s just wearing thin. I’m sure I could drastically alter my list and breathe a bit more life into them but it just seems temporary. It’s funny too, I love constantly mixing up my lists, it’s just with Orks it seems more of the same no matter what I do lately.

  • Skarboy

    I had the same realization about a year ago. I played the shit out orks in 3rd, skipped 4th, restarted with orks and played the shit out of them for about a year and just couldn’t muster the will to keep going. I think the one-dimensional nature of them (even if you have multiple builds, as I did), makes them wear out so much faster. I’m playing DE now, have been for a year, and don’t have nearly the same fatigue. *shrug*

    • When DE were released I didn’t bother as they were ‘like’ my Speed Freek Orks, which I was more than content with at the time. Now I wish I had considered taking up DE. I do love the models.

  • I know how you feel. I was an Orks player in 4th when they sucked, was briefly excited by them in 5th, but when the new Guard book came out my Orks faded away.  The Guard codex just allowed so much more flexibility.  I could make armoured lists, horde of infantry lists, mobile lists, heavy shooting lists, even close combat lists.  With Orks, as you said, it’s all about delivering the boyz into the enemy’s face, and everything else, while not impossible, is an uphill battle.   

  • ming from b&c

    Hmmm….maybe your mojo over orks is low because they detract from your call to Chaos? 

    • Nah. It’s just after playing an army for so long that’s anything but one-dimensional it makes the Orks feel flat.

  • Hey man, exact same thing happened to me!  I was a stout Ork player with roughly 4000 points.  After I picked up my marines though I couldn’t go back to Orks.  Power armor makes army seem a lot more epic, I love 5 marines holding against barrages of firepower, something you just don’t get unless fielding nob bikers!

    Ultimately I sold my orks and haven’t looked back!

    • There is something to be said for those thematic moments with Marines. Those models that live long beyond their life expectancy and take out more than their due.

      I could never sell off my Orks though. I have around the 4K mark also and it’s all painted. That’s a lot of time and effort put into the army and I’d never recoup that. We’ll see what the next codex brings, whenever that is.

  • Luke

     “before a brief stint into necrotic robot territory, back in 4th when they didn’t blow” -excuse me? are you referring to necrons in this passage? the ones I played, and won twice with, once against your marines, in which two of my objectives were kill point based? :D

    • You never got to see them in 4th. In 4th they were a good army and a competitive one at that. That’s not to say they can’t win in 5th, we both know they can, but it’s night and day comparing Necrons in 5th to 4th.

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