Orks – Trukk Boyz Tactica

Ork Trukk BoyzThis is my attempt at a guide to Trukk Boyz…them Boyz that ride in trukks! This is not definitive, no guide is, but hopefully it’s helpful. I’ll come back and update this more as I have time, just wanted to toss something out there.

Cost & Value
One thing I see asked a lot is are they worth the cost or does their effectiveness justify their cost? I don’t believe you can break this unit down quite that way. The reason I say that is because the biggest asset to Trukk Boyz is their speed. What sort of value do you place on that? I place high value on it but not everyone may. So the question should instead be are they worth the cost to you?

The cost of a Boy whether in a trukk or not is the same. The cost increase for Trukk Boyz is of course in buying the trukk. Here’s how I run one of my Trukk Boy units:

12 Boyz + Nob w/bosspole, ‘eavy armor, slugga, power klaw = 117
Trukk w/reinforced ram, boarding plank and big shoota = 45
Total Cost = 162

I could instead buy:

20 Boyz + Nob w/bosspole, ‘eavy armor, slugga, power klaw = 165

So by going on foot I gain 8 more Boyz, which is 66% more than my Trukk Boy unit for only 3pts more. When you look at it from a pure numeric standpoint then Trukk Boyz hardly seem worth it but that view doesn’t factor in the gains of having a trukk.

Charge Range
Trukks are fast open-topped transports. The advantage of a trukk is you can move 18″ max or you can move up to 12″ jump out and assault. If you move 12″ you then get to disembark 2″ away from the trukk and charge in 6″, which gives you a gauranteed 20″ charge range. If you choose to Waaagh! then you can increase that charge range to 21-26″. On foot you’ve got a 12″ range for charging, 6″ movement and a 6″ charge. If you Waaagh! then you gain 1-6″, putting you at 13-18″. So by having a trukk you’re gaining a solid 8″ charge range over being on foot. I think the value of having such a large charge range is obvious.

The value of the trukk is its speed. It enables you to get that large charge range and it also lets you simply advance across the board that much faster. The armor value is terrible, pistols can blow you up, so when taking wargear you need to keep in mind these things. Your trukk is for getting from point A to point B, anything it does beyond that is a bonus. So don’t load it up with wargear if it’s not going to make you any more survivable.

I like the reinforced ram because you can re-roll dangerous terrain, so I don’t worry about what’s between me and my target, I take the shortest route possible (as long as it’s the smartest route anyway).

I’ve just started trying out boarding planks and so far I have to admit I like them. It’s cheap and you get to assault a vehicle from inside the trukk. See, without boarding planks you have to jump out to assault the vehicle. If you explode it then you’re going to lose a few Orks from that. No matter the result of assaulting the vehicle, if you jumped out then you’re now standing there to get shot down or assaulted. Using the boarding plank you can charge your Nob against the vehicle and let his PK smash it while everyone stays in the “safety” of the trukk. You’re not standing there to get shot at, or assaulted, and you’re not losing Boyz from an explosion. That being said, if you REALLY need to remove a vehicle by assaulting it then I still suggest getting out to increase your odds.

The weapon you choose is up to you. Some like the rokkit, others stick with the big shoota. Either way you’re not jacking the cost of your trukk and so take what works for you.

Wargear is really a personal preference. Some always take red paint, some take armor plates. Both of those have their value for sure. What you don’t want to do is start stacking all those up. If you’re adding the reinforced ram, boarding plank, red paint and armor plates then you’ve just tacked on 25pts in wargear on a normally inexpensive and fragile transport vehicle, it’s just not worth it.

Some items that I normally don’t recommend are grot riggers, stikkbomb chukka and wreckin’ ball. The thing with grot riggers is they’re used in your shooting phase. That means if you get immobilized then you have to sit there during your movement phase and hope to fix it in your shooting phase. Even if you do fix it then you’ve lost a round of movement. You’re better of unloading the Boyz and going on foot then sitting in there hoping to fix the trukk. If you decide to sit there in the trukk then you’re just asking for it. You could jump the Boyz out and then have the riggers try and fix the trukk, nothing wrong with that, and it could then pick up the Boyz later. However, grot riggers aren’t cheap, almost 33% of the cost of the trukk itself and again a trukk is fragile. Grot riggers will increase the survivability of your trukk a bit but I’d rather choose other wargear that lends more utility for the same cost.

Stikkbomb chukka in itself isn’t a bad piece of wargear. The problem is Orks charging are still only I3. You get frag grenades if you disembark and charge into cover but Orks rarely swing before anything, so you’ll maintain your I3 and still swing last most of the time anyway. Unless you know you’re playing Tau, IG, or other Orks then just leave this off your trukk.

Lastly the wreckin’ ball. It sounds awesome and looks like fun but like grot riggers you’re spending a hefty chunk of change and then only getting a single attack. If you want to smash vehicles then use the boarding plank. The Nob charging on a boarding plank has the same strength as a hit from a wreckin’ ball but the Nob gets 4 attacks. It is a free attack, so it could lend you support before you charge into something, or give you another attack smashing a vehicle, but with such a fragile vehicle as the trukk it’s just not worth it in my view. There’s simply better wargear for cheaper.

Like anything this is my opinion and you may swear by some of the wargear I don’t use, so your mileage may vary.

First let me say that a single trukk probably isn’t going to do much for you. It can work if you’re careful but generally speaking, like most things Ork related, more is better. Trukks go boom easily and often so having enough trukks to deliver your army is essential.

An advantage with trukks is it allows you far more secrecy than going in foot. If you’re pushing 100+ models across the board then it’s pretty hard to hide your goal from your opponent, there’s just no ignoring a sea of green. When you have a bunch of trukks on the board then you have a smaller foot print so your opponent may forget about the trukk behind the building for a turn, or my favorite is when they underestimate how many Orks you have because they can’t see them in the trukk. You can mask your goal a lot easier with trukks. Remember, a trukk has the same armor value all around so you don’t have to leave it aimed at what you plan to attack. Move your trukk up and turn it away from your goal. You’d be surprised how often these small psychological tactics work.

You also gain precision in your attacks with trukks. A trukk going to a target is like an arrow where a green tide is like a blunderbuss. Both of them work, it’s a matter of your style in which you choose though. The precision I speak of refers more to avoiding targets. I can speed by a unit I don’t want to deal with and get out to charge the one I’m after, leaving the other in the dust. On foot you can go by a unit but you’re slower and if you can’t reach your target that turn then you may find yourself charged from behind. If you’re worried about being counter charged once you get out with Trukk Boyz then use your trukk to block the path to you, force your opponent to lose distance by moving around your trukk. A trukk allows you to reach targets farther way, so if someone isolated a unit of theirs then it’s easy pickings for Trukk Boyz. Smash them, get back in the trukk and find another target.

The other part of the precision is timing your charges. With all the speed and range you gain with trukks it becomes easy to get off multiple charges, which is truly a must with Trukk Boyz. You only have 12 Orks in a trukk and though Orks are dead ‘ard, 12 of them on their own may not accomplish what you want. You want to run your trukks in groups and charge into a unit with multiple Trukk Boyz to ensure you run down your victim instead of getting bogged down. Trukk Boyz are like wolves, they stick together and attack as one, the lone wolf will die fast.

The last key ingredient to using Trukk Boyz well is patience. You have a large threat range and can be on your opponent by turn #1 if things go well, turn #2 at the worst, but you need to evaluate the situation. Slamming into your opponent on turn #1 may not be the best choice. If your opponent is castled up and has his force centralized and you can only reach him with 1-2 trukks then hold off. You may get there and cause some good damage but if doing so leaves those Boyz unsupported then you’re going to lose them quick. Wait a bit, move your trukks around until you’re sure you can get enough bodies in there and then charge in. On the other end you can wait too long because the longer you’re driving around then the more likely you are to lose your trukks.

Along with patience is supporting the Trukk Boyz. You can do this in any number of ways but try and have some units in your army that can lend fire support to your Trukk Boyz. I like using Kannons in this task as well as Deffkoptas. Things like Lootas, a Looted Wagon, and Flast Gitz (if you’re inclined), to name a few, are all good fire support units. Trukk Boyz are generally geared for assaulting and without fire support you’re going to be taking on full strength units. The more you can thin down before you charge in there then the better off you are. I also like putting a unit of Shootas in a trukk. They can put down a lot of shots before they charge in but I mostly take them as a mobile firebase to support my main assault force of Trukk Boyz.

Which reminds me about weapons for the Trukk Boyz. Here’s my view on taking special weapons. If you want a more all-around unit then grab a big shoota or rokkit launcha. You’re going to lose an attack in doing so but you gain shooting that can aid you as you charge in or aid you once you’ve cleared your target and are moving again. Some people swear by not taking a special weapon, not wanting to lose that one attack, in the end though losing that one attack means very little when you consider what you’ve potentially gained by taking the weapon.

Lastly, for now anyway, is if you’re running a lot of trukks then a Big Mek with a kustom force field is mandatory. Having a 50% chance to deflect a damage result on the paper thin trukks is worth its weight in gold. Plus if you start losing trukks then you still have a 5+ cover save.

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