A Look at The Golden D6 – Issue #9

The 9th¬†issue of The Golden D6 is out, so I thought I’d share some of the cool stuff in there with you all. I’m not going to cover everything seeing as it’s 86 pages, just some of my favorites.

Bust Painting

My favorite article in this issue is by Jason Zhou. In the article Jason talks about painting a bust. However, instead of giving you a step-by-step, he chats theory and concept. This is the stuff I love. I’m never one to follow a recipe, even for painting, but knowing the thought process behind why someone painted something a certain way is way more valuable to me. This is art, so getting inside the head of an artist is invaluable.

Jason shows different stages of his work, and explains what he was going for at that point. It’s an awesome read.

Here’s a shot from the article.

Tank Commander by Jason Zhou

Tau Diorama

I’m not sure the painter, but there are some incredible shots of a Tau diorama. It was created for Armies on Parade, and it’s simply amazing. The painting is great, conversions very well done, and the feel of everything is perfect.

Tau Diorama


Painting Ironman

Unlike the bust painting, this article is a step-by-step on painting, but this time it’s Ironman. It’s a great guide of the entire process, and of course makes¬†it look easy. While NMM is not a technique I’ve used, and one I feel is often overused, the work on the Ironman is awesome, and it’s perfectly suited for NMM.

Painting Ironman


This is another great issue of The Golden D6. There’s a lot more in there I didn’t cover, including a Silver Golden Demon winner, but you’ll have to get your own copy :) Oh, and if you use the coupon creativetwilight then you’ll get 25% off everything. It’s a one-time use.

On a related note, I posted recently about getting everyone’s help for the 10th issue. Please take a look, and send in pictures of your awesome models.


  • Nice write up, I do like the Golden D6. That Tau diorama looks amazing!

    • I’m not often a fan of dioramas, but that one is awesome.

    • Rick, who painted it, has really captured the whole bug swarm thing that would be a Tyranid attack. His Army on Parade win was well deserved.

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