Review of The Golden D6 – An Online Wargaming Magazine

The Golden D6 is an online wargaming magazine that covers every game system, and offers various types of content. Each issue is different of course, but typically you will find amazing battle reports, awesome tutorials, well-written fluff and editorials. To give an idea of the games covered, it ranges from Warhammer 40K to A Fistful of Kung Fu.

The magazine is a fanzine. Adam, the creator of The Golden D6, collects material from bloggers, and those who submit directly to him, and compiles it into GD6 (The Golden D6). This is where the huge diversity in games covered, and types of articles, comes from.

Magazine Availability

The first thing I want to cover quickly is the availability of the magazine. As noted above, it’s an online wargaming magazine. So, you just head on over to the GD6 website, make your purchase, and immediately download the magazine in PDF format.

Typically every month there is a new magazine to help you get your hobby fix.

The Price

I think everyone will find The Golden D6 very affordable at a price of $5.95 AUD, or about $4.66 USD. Admittedly, it’s not the cheapest wargaming magazine. However, as someone who knows, a lot of time and effort goes into something like this. Adam doesn’t have a team of editors and designers, etc. It’s just him, and so he’s trying to cover his costs while putting a few bucks in his pocket.

Something really cool that Adam does is that he will put up free articles from the magazine. It’s a great way to get a taste of what’s in there. He will also run sales as well, discounting older magazines.

Design & Layout

If you look at the magazine now, and compare it to the first issue, you’ll notice a huge difference. It has been one year since The Golden D6’s first issue. Adam poured everything he had into that first magazine. Seeing the hard work, and potential of the magazine, Matt Weaver – a former White Dwarf editor, stepped in and helped Adam with the design work. That second issue was night and day from the first in terms of design. Matt had created a very professional looking magazine for Adam.

Those designs that Matt had set up for Adam are still in use, and they look amazing. For a magazine that’s only a year old, and is being done for the love of the hobby, you won’t find a better looking wargaming magazine.

The Articles

The wide range of gaming systems covered means that you will find something that fits your interest each month. Airbrush cleaning, comic book style battle reports, creating your own gaming tokens, and making your own terrain are just some of the things you’ll find. With 7 issues of the magazine to date, the amount of awesome articles is staggering.

Being a fanzine, the articles come from assorted authors. However, each article is well-written and well worth the read. To be included in GD6 you have to have some seriously good material. Adam wants quality over quantity.

Creative Twilight was in issue #4 with my battle report for my Chaos Marines against White Scars.

The Golden D6: Issue #4 - Creative Twilight


The Golden D6 is a great magazine for any hobbyist. The magazine is reasonably priced, has a great selection of articles, and is built by fellow hobby enthusiasts. It’s a hobby magazine for hobbyists by hobbyists.

Honestly, you should check it out for yourself.

Which reminds me, Adam was kind enough to give me a coupon for you all to use!

Use the coupon creativetwilight on checkout, and you will get 25% off your order. That’s 25% of everything you buy, not just one magazine. It’s a one-time-use coupon.

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