Rok Da Vote: Hobby Poll Closed

I’m glad to see the poll got more votes this month than previous ones. The poll results can be seen below:[poll id=”9″]

Not a huge surprise that most people enjoy playing the game the most. For most of us, all that assembly and painting is a process, hopefully an enjoyable one, to get our army on the table.

A close second to playing is converting. As an Ork player I have a big love for conversions, small or big. I can easily see this being second as anyone can pull off a conversion with some thought and the right parts.

Modeling and painting tied for third, one vote behind converting. These are things you have to do in order to put an army on the board, ideally anyway, though I’ve seen empty bases or legs glued on to a base and we’ve all seen unpainted armies. The fact so many enjoy it is great. Personally, I don’t mind painting and sometimes I enjoy it but mostly for me it’s a step in the process to completion.

Other than huffing paint and gluing yourself, the things I consider to take probably the most practice to master are the lowest ranking: sculpting and writing fluff. I can’t create an army without creating fluff. It may not always be in a written form but it always exists. Sculpting is an aspect of the hobby I’ve grown to love. It’s one of those few areas in the hobby where we can create something from nothing and truly put our mark on our work. The chance to sculpt is something I always look forward to.

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