Rok Da Vote: New Ork Codex

OrksIt’s that time to get feedback on the new Ork codex for Warhammer 40K 7th edition. It hasn’t been out long yet but hopefully long enough that the Ork players have managed a game or two, and people the chance to play against it. I like getting the early feedback to later compare down the road once the codex has had a chance to be broken in.

So far I have only managed one game, though I’ll get in my second one tomorrow. It’s definitely a different animal than the last one.


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  • With, or without the supplement? I’d vote kick ass with supplement, slightly better then last without.

    • I do the supplements separately. I’ll have a poll up for that in a few days. So, without the supplement in this particular poll.

      • Danke sir. One thing I like about the new codex is the plethera of choices we have now. No real auto takes anymore. (besides tankbusters…which are crazy awesome now). I do wish weirdboyz and painboyz were slotless like the mek though. Would have really opened up the codex more.

        • At least we get 3 HQ choices though, does help a bit.

          I really want to try out the Weirdboy but finding a place to put him is my issue. Everything runs in vehicles with my lists and though most of his powers are witchfire powers, so I can shoot them out of a vehicle, Warpath is a great blessing and I’d miss out on its use inside a ride. Then again, he won’t be inside the vehicle long seeing as they all get blown up quickly.

          • Aye. I generally find I’m fielding a warboss, and 1-2 painboys. I’ve pretty much abandoned my old KFF’s, as the 5+ FNP is more effective across multiple phases (and I don’t have to keep measuring to see if the model is in the KFF arc).

            Still haven’t quite found a list I am 100% happy with…but being able to take 20 point mek’s with rokkit’s is pretty awesome.

            • I’m still working out my HQ choices. I’m just not finding the need for the Warboss myself. With Trukks delivering my Boyz I really don’t “need” Waaagh! as ‘Ere We Go! covers me well enough. The Warboss is too much of a glass cannon for my liking now. You really need a Painboy to keep him going but he does offer better leadership, which Orks sorely need.

              • Give him a lucky stik. It gives the unit he’s with +1 WS (and himself), and lets him reroll failed armor saves. If he’s got mega armor on…he can soak quite the wounds.

                • Good point. I’ll have to build a Warboss with mega armor at some point. Maybe we’ll actually get a Warboss kit one of these days…

                  • I just use the ghazzy model as mine :). My issue with the other choices (big mek, etc), is their T4 and 2W. Being T5 and 3W makes me a bit more survivable. But then he cant’ take the cool toys the big mek can. So many options!

                    • I forgot I had a Ghaz model someone gave me years ago! Just dug it out so I can work on it a bit and turn it into my Warboss with mega-armor.

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