Running Out of Glue!

I’ve made a respectable dent in the mass of infantry for Joe. I had to bounce around a bit on the units since some appear to be lacking all the parts and I’m hoping as I get to other units that I’ll find the parts I need. That and some questions I had for Joe on units I started that needed answering before I continued on those units. That being said, I primed all five in the Command squad and the 10 Veterans (both units were sent assembled), I built and primed the 10 Assault Marines, I have the 17 from the Reserve squad about 90% complete (build-wise), 10 Tacts about 75% complete and another 10 Tacts about 50% complete.  I should be able to wrap up those partially completed units in the next few days and that will leave me a handful of units to go. Be on to painting soon!

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