Speedmek: Elite Choices

Speedmek - l337For the second part of the series about my Speedmek list we’ll cover the elite choices. This really ranges for me a lot. Being that I don’t use the same lists over and over I mix it up and this is one area I can mix it up with a big impact. Let’s cover the more popular choices of mine.

You can’t go wrong here for obvious reasons. In smaller games I might run only five of them with a Trukk, Warboss optional. In larger games I’ll scale them up to eight and they also tend to ride around in a Battlewagon. In any game size there are some items they always have, namely the ‘eavy armor and cybork body. I just can’t pass up the 4+/5+ on these guys. Every time they are each always uniquely equipped, I know, shocking right?

Regardless of if I have a Warboss to make them troops, the Nobz are the hammer of the force.

Yes, you’re reading that right, I use Tankbustas. In smaller games I’ll run eight of them, always two tankhammers, and in larger games they go up to 10. I take two to three bomb squigs each time also. They ride in a looted wagon to stay safe. The looted wagon will have a reinforced ram (hate getting stuck on terrain or moving around it), a boarding plank (safely smash tanks), and a rokkit (synergy with the unit). Points permitting I may slap red paint on it too to try and keep up with the faster moving units with Trukks.

Pretty straight forward unit and one I’ve come to love with so much mech on the table these days. My priority targets with these guys are dreadnoughts of any variety. Dreadnoughts can be a bane to a unit with just one PK (power klaw), so the Tankbustas aim to intercept before dreadnoughts can die down my forward units. Tankbustas make quick work of dreadnoughts and only lose a few to do it.

Tankbustas can be an expensive unit to field but rarely have they let me down.

I most often field these guys when I don’t field Tankbustas. Lootas are a great all around unit for sure but just as pricey as Tankbustas and so I try and keep my expensive units to a minimal so I have bodies on the field. Plus, when I’m not fielding Tankbustas I want another unit that can take out tanks and Lootas are capable, well except for AV14 vehicles.

Smaller games I’ll run around eight of them and larger will see up to 12 of them (only own 12). I actually field Meks with my Lootas too. One reason is it fits my theme. Well, Lootas in general already do but putting the Meks out there just completes the look. The other reason is for the free AP2 gun. Orks don’t get AP2 in abundance and I find it handy to have on hand. Termies dropping next to my Lootas, or some other nasty unit, is not uncommon and forcing invulnerable saves on them helps clear it out. Also, Meks give me some wound allocation to play with.

I don’t field this unit as much as I used to since it really breaks the theme. When I do field them then it’s always the same load out. I’ll run 10 Kommandos with two burnas and Snikrot on top of it, so 11 total in the unit. Infiltrating Orks has just never worked out for me. I tried in the past doing it with rokkits for easy armor shots but it always flopped. I’d rather pay the price for Snikrot and come in on an edge I want.

What this unit does is to force my opponent off his deployment edge(s) and in turn closer to my Boyz coming down the board in fast vehicles. Kommandos may not fit my theme but they have a synergy with the list.

I have not had the chance to try out Burna Boyz yet. They are on my list of units I need to finish off and test out. Meganobz I have toyed with but not a lot yet. I find them more effective in smaller games and need to experiment more with them.

Next up is the troops!

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