Speedmek: Fast Attack Choices

Speedmek: FastNow we move to fast attack for our fourth in the series on Speedmek. You would think that this would be the slot where I invest the most but it’s not. I rely on my troops, the Trukk Boyz, to do the heavy work, or Nobz if chosen. I mostly derive my speed element from Trukks. The other fast choices are there to compliment the core of Trukks, to help ensure the Trukks deliver the Boyz.

What’s not to love with a unit that can mostly disregard terrain and move potentially up to 18″ a turn, giving a potential threat range of 24″ (6″ charge)? For me the only downside is that they are not using a tin can of a vehicle to hide in. I know Trukks are only AV10 and can be blown up by bolters but it also means you have to do just that before you can start shooting Boyz. Stormboyz don’t have that luxury and instead need to be used more conservatively and make the most out of terrain.

When I field these guys it’s no less than 12 models and the Nob has a PK (power klaw), of course. The unit has so many uses for me. With their fastness I’ll use them to speed to a weak flank and tie up units there, IE: Devastators, Fire Warriors, things that are sitting still to fire. Used in conjunction with my core of Trukkers I can slam into a flank and the main force at once and tie up a lot of the army, that is if things go well.

I will sometimes trail the Stormboyz behind the Trukkers. They take safety from not being seen via-trukks or if they are seen then the KFF gives cover. I tend to do this if they can’t make use of terrain to advance on their own. They’ll hang back a bit and support the main assault or intercept nasty units trying to counter-charge me. Really, with the speed of this unit I use them for damn near everything.

For me it’s specifically Wartrakks. That small 5pt upgrade to make a buggy to a trakk is worth it every time for me. This is for the same reason that all my Trukks get reinforced rams, I don’t like to let terrain dictate my movement. As soon as I let terrain determine my movement then my opponent can prepare for me.

Anyway, this is a unit I recently got back into. For the longest time I ran them as a unit of two and was never that impressed with them. I finally got around to building a third and field them as a full squadron and they’ve since become invaluable to my lists. First up, the squadron is cheap. I field mine with twin-linked rokkits to hunt tanks but I’ve seen them used with twin-linked big shootas to great effect too. They’re fast so you’re moving 12″ a turn with a 24″ rokkit launcher to give you a 36″ threat range with shooting. It’s twin-linked, Orks love twin-linked. Now, it’s only AV10 and it’s open-topped but being in a squadron helps with this.

The biggest thing I like about the unit is they’re a thorn in someone’s side. They are only AV10 and they are open-topped but you will be surprised with how long it takes to completely remove this unit. Usually they’ll get shaken a bit and eventually start losing guns. I’ll start losing them one at a time typically and slowly over the turns. They don’t usually make it alive the full game but tend to last a good 4-5 turns a game. This isn’t a unit that gets most of my tank kills since after the first turn of firing they get a lot of attention, but it is a unit that draws fire off my main force and is tough to remove. The threat of an 18″ move, again their fast vehicles, is another reason they draw fire. Nobody likes those last turn objective contesting movements.

This is one of those units I want to love but doesn’t normally live up to my expectations. By and large I use them as I do my Stormboyz when I field them. They aim to attack weak flanks and generally support the main force with their torrent of fire. The problem really is that I only own six of these guys, so while they work wonderful in smaller games, they just don’t cut it in anything else. They’re pricey too, at 25pts a model. I can handle expensive models but paying 25pts for a single wound model…that’s rough. I can get a Nob for a Nob squad for 20pts before wargear.

I think another large problem for me is the meta at my FLGS, which is mostly power armored armies. Six Warbikers can lay down 18 shots that are twin-linked. Being S5 they get wounds easy but against that 3+ armor save I’m lucky to drop a Marine in a round of shooting.

So, I use this unit but generally only in smaller games or if I want a distraction unit in a larger game. I run six of them, all I own, and the Nob has a big choppa. I do need to make a PK version of the Nob’s arm (magnet mounted), and see if I’m happier with that. That may be the selling point for me.

Ah, one of the units that drew my immediate attention in the current Ork codex. I fielded this unit religiously for a good solid year and recently have started supplementing Wartrakks in place of them, here’s why. Point for point I find wartrakks more useful, reasons noted above.

The advantage a Deffkopta has is being a jetbike, so terrain is not an issue. Also, they can scout and therefore also outflank. The unit works great as an alpha strike unit. Get a buzzsaw or two in a unit, scout foward if you get first turn and then fire and charge on turn #1. Generally you’ll destroy a tank, more often than not. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great but the problem I have is that’s all they do.

I’ve found fielding a full unit of five to be a huge waste of points. If someone wants this unit dead then it’s dead whether you have one, two or five of them. Another weakness of the unit is LD7. Someone only has to start forcing morale checks and soon enough they’ll run away. My Wartrakks don’t have morale, it’s never an issue. Also my Wartrakks can’t be locked in combat.

Overall the unit isn’t bad and I still use them but I use them sparingly. They mostly make my lists when I feel I need that first turn alpha strike since that seems to be their only trick.

Next we’ll move on to heavy support!

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