Speedmek: Heavy Support Choices

Speedmek: HeavyThe last slot on the chart to cover for the fifth part of the Speedmek series, heavy support. Let’s get right to it.

Unfortunately I only own one of these. As a result my experience has been pretty well limited to the transport aspect. As mentioned in the elite part of the series, I’ll often use a BW to transport my Nobz around. I’ve occasionally tossed 20 Shoota Boyz in it also; great for holding objectives.

In a transport capacity I like to keep it cheap. Most of the time it will have a deff rolla but if points are tight it will be a reinforced ram. Both let you re-roll difficult terrain to avoid being immobilized but of course the deff rolla does so much more. Often I will get armor plates since if I field a BW to transport something then I damn well want to make sure it gets where I want it. The last thing I put on is a big shoota as a weapon. It’s really just there to deal with weapon destroyed results and to have something to fire with. Points permitting I’ll occasionally get grot riggers. They’re useful and they’re cheap, two things I like in wargear. Same things with red paint, another splurge.

Deff Dread
This has become the red-headed stepchild for Orks. In short, Kanz are a much better value. However, I still have a soft spot for the Dread and will field it on occasion. I try and keep it cheap and will generally field it with two skorchas and armor plates. Skorchas are nice to get around being BS2 and the plates to keep moving forward. The Dread is one of those units for me that either wreaks havoc on the field or does absolutely nothing.

Killa Kanz
Rare is the day that this unit doesn’t see the field. I always field them in a squadron of three and most of the time they’ll be sporting grotzookas. The grotzooka is probably my favorite weapon in the codex. It’s just amazing at removing large chunks of infantry, including Marines. The BS3 of a Kan helps with dealing with the scatter and being heavy 2 generally means at least one blast will land in a good area.

Aside from shooting down infantry, the unit does well in assault. The biggest weakness of the unit in assault is being WS2. Most things are hitting you on 3’s and attacking anything WS5 or higher means you need 5’s. Not a great unit for charging at a nasty IC but perfect for chewing through Tact Marines and the like.

The unit is one of the slow units I field, the mek flavor. It may seem out of place initially but it works really well. I use the Dread in the same fashion typically, and that is just moving forward as fast as possible. With the Kanz I try and get within the 18″ range of my grotzookas and start unloading shots to support my faster moving units. My Trukks will generally hit the enemy lines before my Kanz and then the following turn if I have not won the assault then my Kanz jump in. Other times I’ll use the Kanz to run a screen for my boyz. In either case the Kanz, and Dread if taken, provide me with a two wave assault that works really well for me.

Big Gunz
I go through phases with this unit where I field them a lot and times I don’t use them at all. This is another mek flavor in my list. Most commonly I field this unit as kannons. Kannons are the exact same stats as a Marine missile launcher except it’s a 36″ range. I like kannons for the choice of shots, bust armor or toss templates on infantry. Being fired by Grots means it’s BS3, not bad. Generally I’ll field the unit when I want a cheap anti-tank option. They are 20pts a gun and being that they are an artillery unit makes them a little more resilient to incoming fire.

I do also field the unit as lobbas too, though not nearly as frequently. Again, still a cheap unit and lobbas are barrage. Very handy if I want a unit I can just hide and use to annoy my opponent. Lobbas that aren’t dealt with can be a huge annoyance with their easy wounding and ability to pin a unit. At the same time, by sending a unit to deal with them you are leaving the core of my army alone, which is fine by me.

Looted Wagon
I field this in both flavors, transport and tank. As a transport it is used for my Tankbustas, as mentioned in the elite part. As a transport, like any of my transports, I aim to keep it cheap but I will spend a little more on this since it’s for an elite unit. Reinforced ram is always present, as are armor plates. Most of the time I’ll have a boarding plank too for safe PK delivery to a tank. I also put a rokkit on it to synergize with my Tankbustas.

In the Boomwagon flavor it will have the boomgun of course, an ‘ard case (remove open-topped), reinforced ram (mostly for don’t press dat! rolls), armor plates and a big shoota. There’s one thing this will always do and that’s draw a ton of fire. The Boomwagon is very much the Ork’s Vindicator in terms of scaring your opponent. Dropping a large blast that’s S8, AP3, ordnance will do that. Therefore, if I don’t get first turn then I’ll reserve it so I can at least stand a chance of getting off a shot with it. If I get first turn then I put it forward enough to have range and fire away. This leaves my opponent the choice of dealing with my Trukks now advancing quickly or firing on the Boomwagon.

The Boomwagon is another unit that will perform very well or be removed from the onset of the game but one I enjoy fielding no matter what.

Next will be a summary of how this all comes together into a list.

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