Speedmek: Troop Choices

Speedmek: TroopsNow for the the third installment of the Speedmek series, troop choices.

The core of any of my lists is Boyz. I use every flavor of them too. Each one of my units of Boyz will have a Trukk, occasionally a Battlewagon. In small games I’ll run four troop choices and in larger ones I’ve been known to run a full six. Seeing as they ride in Trukks we know they are 12 strong. I have distinct units of Boyz that I run. They are:

Deff Boyz – Slugga Boyz lead by a Nob with ‘eavy armor, bosspole and a big choppa.
Blood Boyz – Slugga Boyz lead by a Nob (Zerk), with ‘eavy armor, bosspole and a slugga and choppa.
‘ead Huntas – Slugga Boyz lead by a Nob with ‘eavy armor, bosspole and a power klaw.
Metal ‘eads – ‘ard Boyz lead by a Nob with ‘eavy armor, bosspole and a power klaw.
Noisey Boyz – Shoota Boyz lead by a Nob with ‘eavy armor, bosspole, big choppa and shoota.

Fluff-wise my Orks, Sun’z Killaz, are Freebootaz (mercenaries), and so I wanted the Nobz to lead a unit of Boyz into battle each time. This is instead of a Nob just being given a group of Boyz to lead, instead this is his unit, his Boyz.

Anyway, I’m distracting myself. So I have three units of Slugga Boyz, one unit of Shoota Boyz and one ‘ard Boyz unit. I’ve grown to really love Shoota Boyz. Driving around and unloading as many shots as they do is great and I use them to soften up targets for my Slugga Boyz. Typically the Shootas will stay in the Trukk.

The ‘ard Boyz have really grown on me too and I believe they’ve been in every list I’ve made for the past year anyway. An ‘ard Boy runs 10pts compared to a normal Boy at 6pts. Not everyone likes them but I find them worthwhile. I steer clear of power weapons and try and tackle units that would have a field day with 12 Boyz, like Assault Marines. The ‘ard Boyz will often be used as a hammer unit if I don’t have Nobz, or to bolster my lines where needed.

You can’t go wrong with a unit that’s 3pts a model. For 40pts you get 10 Grots and a Runtherd. Granted, the unit isn’t going to do much but it doesn’t need to, it’s a 40pt unit. I have one use for this unit, hold an objective. Most of the time the unit will be put in reserves and when it arrives it just jogs to an objective and sits, preferably in area terrain so they can go to ground for a 3+ save.

No special tactics here, just a cheap objective unit. The unit doesn’t exactly fit my theme but I figure they’re the lowly Grots who get stuck having to clean the Trukks off after battle, fuel them up, replenish ammo, that type of thing.

Next up will be fast attack.

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